Working with Video Production Services Near Me To Get The Best Possible Video For Your Business

Videos certainly help with building your company’s brand image, informing your clients and converting visitors to customers on your website. You watch a five-minute video and assume that it is a simple and straightforward process. I want to find video production services near me.

Working with Video Production Services Near Me To Get The Best Possible Video For Your Business

Is what you think and set about choosing one. You duly go through the process and choose one to produce explainers, presentations, interviews, and ads to help you with your video marketing. The video production company will take care of most things but you, as a client, also have an important role to play to help make video production a success.

The Pre-Production Stage

Client involvement is absolutely necessary long before the script and concept of your video take shape. I engage the best video production services near me and I want the best is what you want but for that to happen there must be close interaction. You may assign one person or a team to interact with the video producers. They will want to discuss everything in detail in order to prepare a plan. The team members you assign need to be capable and knowledgeable enough about your company and products to assist the video production team or give them the required information. The video producers will visit you, check your premises and get an idea about locations and people to use for the shooting. Help them as much as you can and you facilitate their task that results in good videos for your business promotion.


This is when the actual shoot takes place. You watch a 10-minute video and assume that it takes ten minutes of actual shooting time. This is not so. Assuming you have demarcated areas where the video team can shoot, they will need an hour or so to simply set up equipment and lighting. It helps to spruce up your premises and remove unwanted clutter before production happens. You will choose one person or more to appear in the video and for that, your video production team will need to coach them on how to proceed, gestures, looking at the camera, speaking and or any other action that may be required. The shoot may actually last anywhere up to 1 to 2 hours. Be prepared to spare that much time. It helps to never ask the video team to hurry up.

This is in general. Now we can get down to specifics.

Detailed Script and Explanation

Despite extended discussions, it is more than likely that there will be a misunderstanding. Once the script is prepared to go over it with care and get the video people to explain the actual outcome. It has happened that once the video has been shot and clients get to view the final output they say that it is not what they wanted. No one likes that, least of all the video producers. It means reshoot, rework, more time and expense for everyone. Get your team to work more closely with the video producers and you will get the finest service.


You may assume that once you assign the task to the video production service it is up to them to manage everything but it may not be so. For instance, if you plan on getting an interview shot then you will want it done within your office. If this is then they will want a cabin that is sufficiently large enough to allow placement of lights and camera and permit free movement. It helps if you clear a cabin and make it available for interviews. Similarly, if it is a video shoot of your office or production activity you will find it advantageous to make sure there is a free passage for the video cameraman to move or set up tripods or dollies. Discuss with the video producers so that there are no last-minute glitches.

Shoot Only as Much as is Required

Yes, you may be inclined to think “I am paying for video production services near me so I can ask them to shoot and shoot and shoot, whether the clips will be of use or not.” This only results in a waste of time. For instance, if you plan on getting an interview shoot then include only the people who will give the interview and shoot only that part.

For Interviews

Interviews look easy and simple on-screen. However, if your executive, who will be interviewed, has no prior experience, do not expect everything to go off smoothly on the first try. Get your video producers to coach your executive and to help him prepare with the help of the script. The video cameraman and director will usually coach your executive and put him at ease with some trial shoots.  If your executive will be talking about production, warehousing, sales outlets or other topics then you can expect the video team to intersperse suitable shots. These should be arranged beforehand or provided for in order to make the video interesting.


Nothing is quite as convincing as getting testimonials from actual customers. This too needs preparation. You will need to fix a convenient date and time with the customers appearing for the testimonial shoot and explain to them what it is all about. They may be given relevant portions of the script with pointers on what to reply to questions.

Presentation and Product Demo

These require careful preparation and planning in which you, the client, play an important part. It is easy to tell the video production service near me to do what they can and no doubt they will try but it is not likely to be up to scratch. It is best to get your office staff to prepare a presentation along with the video production team because they know best what can be translated to video and how to do it. The same goes for a product demo. You may simply want a voice-over product demo. You can take it a step further by having a sales executive give the product demo. Step it up by asking for a professional model to handle the demo, in which case, the model will need to be coached and a rehearsal is in order.

Working with video production services can be fun and you can get the best videos to help your video marketing activities provided you develop a rapport with them and assist them. Work with Myoho Video Production to get the best in corporate videos. They are fun to work with. And experts too.

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