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Don’t you know what to write on your medical school personal statement so that it stands out among other statements? The medical school applicants often feel pressurized while writing the statement so that it is unique. Every applicant wants to write something that the medical school officers have never read before, but it is not that easy.

medical school personal statement

You need to follow some guidelines so you can write a statement that can help you in getting your admission in a renowned medical school. However, always remember that your medical school personal statement must be personal.

  • First, you need to write what you have done that will support your interest to become a doctor. The applicant should follow the rule of evidence-based admission where you need to write why you want to become a doctor. To answer this, you must include community service, clinical exposure and research that motivates you in becoming a doctor.
  • The second question is, why do you want to be a doctor? To answer this question, you can take the help of experts from medical school personal statement editing services, but it’s best if you write about your personal experience. You have to write about the experiences that lead you to practice medicine, and these experiences should be only a personal one. The officers of medical school want to know whether you have deeply researched medical practices or you just want to become a doctor just for doing social work. 
  • You next need to answer how your experience has influenced you in becoming a doctor. You need to write about how your experiences have motivated and shape the goal for your future. The school officer wants to see whether you have decided on becoming a doctor sensibly and logically or not. Your interest and experience will show how much committed and motivated you are to become a doctor.

Some myths are concerned with medical school statement as heard by the experts of medical school personal statement help are:

  • Your personal statement doesn’t need to have a theme. Only the talented writer can write the personal statement around one thing but sometimes sticking to the theme can fail to answer the three most important questions answered above.
  • It’s a myth that your personal statement cannot be longer than one page. If your personal statement is compelling and interesting, then you can fill all the space given in the sheet. However, you should remember that quality writing of personal statements is preferred over quantity writing.
  • It’s a myth that the personal statement may not have your personal medical experiences. Remember, while writing the personal experience, you need to write what you gained from the medical experience rather than writing what happened. The medical school personal statement editing experts advise that you can write the powerful personal statement that must include the information about your personal as well as professional clinical encounters. Don’t spend too much time writing about your childhood or high school, focus mainly on experience which craved your path of medicine.
  • It’s not true to sell yourself while writing the personal statement as boasting won’t help you. You need to use your insights, observations and experiences to speak for yourself while writing the medical school personal statement. Mention the qualities that you possess, which makes you perfect for the medical school.

While writing the personal statement, you can follow the advice of medical school personal statement editing experts:

  • Your personal statement should show insights and introspect about your experience.
  • While writing the experience, you need to follow the chronology so that what you want to say becomes clear to the reader and makes perfect sense.
  • The personal statement should be interesting as well as engaging to the reader, and this does not mean you should use big words.  
  • You need to give the reader the mental image of who you are and what you envision to become. You should convey the message of being compassionate and able to cope with crises to your readers.
  • Your personal statement should convince the medical officer that you are excited and passionate about your career in medicine.

You can even avail the service of medical school personal statement help so that experts can help you in writing the perfect, unique and engaging personal statement.

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