An Approach to convert emails from NSF to Thunderbird

Convert Emails from NSF to Thunderbird is a latest approach which is based out the conversion of NSF files to Thunderbird email client. There are various email client like apple mail, claws mail, Thunderbird mail, postbox, Netscape, Windows live mail, Entourage and Eudora etc. These email clients generally used by home users easily. Thunderbird email client save its database into MBOX files and also save the file into the formats on different types. Thunderbird is an Open Source email client which is used for different levels of mails and published by Mozilla firefox.

Convert emails from NSF to Thunderbird

Sometimes you may require changing starting with one email client then onto the next because of individual or authority reason. For e.g. you were utilizing Thunderbird Mail as a part of your past association. In any case, now you have moved to another organization where IBM Lotus Notes is utilized. As all there use Lotus Notes, you are likewise requested that utilization the same email client. You have extremely essential messages and other mail box information in the MBOX files which were utilized by your email client, i.e. Thunderbird Mail. You need to get to every one of your information which are spared in the MBOX files, in IBM Lotus Notes. In what manner will you do that? You need to change over your NSF files into Thunderbird configuration to make them open in MBOX format. As there is no compelling manual arrangement accessible for such change, you have to think about as an outsider converter apparatus. I can prescribe here Lotus Notes NSF to Thunderbird Converter device that is intended to play out a protected transformation of NSF files into Thunderbird database configuration of MBOX.

Location to save the Thunderbird mail:

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\Thunderbird\Profiles\ozr0m2a8.default\Mail\Local Folders

Reasons to Convert NSF to Thunderbird:

These are few reasons to convert Lotus Notes NSF to Thunderbird:-

Unavailability of email documents is the disadvantage of changing over email application starting with one then onto the next. As the email message made utilizing one arrangement can’t be opened in another email client if the upheld record organizations are distinctive. Along these lines, moving information starting with one email client then onto the next prompts change of arrangements of information documents put away in it. Another essential explanation behind transformation is that Thunderbird’s advancement is no more accessible in the business sector on account of which client’s have to change over Lotus Notes to Thunderbird.

Easy and Quick Solution to Export NSF to Thunderbird:

These days there are numerous instruments accessible in the online business sector, one of them is Thunderbird Converter Wizard. The product is progressed, incorporated with the easy to understand interface which makes simple for non-specialized clients to change over Thunderbird information to MBOX easily with no mastery exhortation. The product keeps up the arranging, structure and properties of unique information unrestricted after transformation of information. It relocates every one of the information alongside connections in accurate structure. It spares a considerable measure of client’s chance by changing over main part of Thunderbird information on the double. The conversion of NSF files to Thunderbird is very powerful and the maintenance cost of this tool is very low.

Important Features:

  • Quickly Perform the migration process.
  • Bolsters all Thunderbird renditions
  • Keep up the envelope structure after transformation
  • Efficient programming
  • Offers double method of transformation single or numerous
  • Intuitive wizard interface


In the Above article NSF to Thunderbird conversion is help for those users who wants to convert emails, contacts, calendars, task etc into Thunderbird file format. Which is easily migrate NSF database to Thunderbird without effective any file and loss time. This tool converts 25 emails from each folder. This tool provide the demo version available which is free for everyone.


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