Eminem new song ‘Campaign Speech’ becomes hot on Google Trends

The rapper has discussed several political issues in the new song. In the context, Eminem new song ‘Campaign Speech’ becomes hot on the Google Trends. Some parts of the song are dedicated to blasting Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

Eminem new song ‘Campaign Speech’

Eminem made anti-Trump song!

Eminem is a rebel and it is evident with his new song. While, the famous rapper made it known through his social media account that he has begun working on a new album.

He also made one new song available from the track. The song is titles ‘Campaign Speech’. It is being described as the rapper as a very meaningful song.

During, ‘Campaign Speech’ is a lengthy song and spans around eight minutes. It touches several political themes including forceful abortion.

The fan of Eminem, will not be surprised to see that there are many parts of the song, dedicated to the upcoming presidential election win the US. The singer has specifically targeted the Trump campaign.

Notably, Eminem make it very clear that in his opinion it is a very dangerous possibility that Trump should actually become the president of the US.

Eminem Blast Donald Trump in her new album!

It shows that the fans never expected that the new Eminem song would stick to all the serious topics.

The rapper has chosen to share his own priorities in case he became president of the US.

Besides, his priorities are not the economy of the country, or fighting the terrorists groups in the Middle East. He does not want to ban condoms in America.

In fact, he has some very personal ideas through which, in his opinion, he can make America great again.

Meanwhile, Eminem has incorporated a ‘less is more’ approach in ‘Campaign Speech.’

Nevertheless, the song is almost entirely accompaniment free where the rapper has let the rhymes do all the work.

However, the singer has covered a lot of topics, while dropping several famous names like Stacey Dash, Edward Norton and Rock Hudson. He also mentioned Agatha Christie, the famous English Writer.


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