Hulk Hogan’s Bar Becomes a Fighting Arena

A recent event brings back the old news into highlight once again. Yes we are talking about the big fight in famous and renowned wrestler bar none other than Hulk Hogan.

Hulk Hogan’s Bar becomes a Fighting Arena

Who doesn’t know Hulk Hogan and the bright and huge carrier of his in Wrestling but not all people knows that he owns a bar in Tampa. This bar and the recent bar fight make the wrestler bring into news once again.

Hulk Hogan’s known beachside bar in Tampa due to certain involvement and activities observed more like a WWE-style Royal Rumble when a fight started over the weekend.

This is surely an interesting view or so says the witness that the famous fighting wrestler’s bar is showing us again an amazing fight in which the fight broke rapidly and complete with bikini-clad chicks smacking headlocks on each other.

The scene or the drama is still not clear of what happened and what starts the fight. The good thing is Tampa police officers are viewing into a video displaying a fight at Hogan’s Beach Tampa.

According to the Police Officials:

The Hulkster’s joint aka Hogan’s Beach break out when well we certainly don’t know what started the entire brawl, but one thing we are sure of is at least one prominent suspect a hot chick in the middle of the action is seen.

The video was actually taken at Hulk Hogan’s bar and restaurant on July 4 and forwarded to YouTube.

Media is saying that Hogan has missed the fight on Fourth of July weekend. Otherwise he could just add booze and watch the fight club action begin and can rip off his tank, and add a leg drop.

To be clear the first look video is more than 12 minutes. The video displays a fight start in the restaurant and bar. What caused the fight to break out can’t be seen. As nothing is clear in the video so no one was detained after the fight. Only one man was banded from entering Hogan’s for the next year.

Social Media is gossiping about the brutal fight Video. The video surprises with a quarrel inside the restaurant. As restaurant furniture is tumbled over and surely six to seven people are seen on the ground.

The fight then moves to the parking lot where security becomes indulged. In the interesting video chokeholds are used and women can easily be seen pulling hair, surprisingly staff members are involved in the hair-pulling.


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