Lily James Super Revealing Hotness

The star of Downton Abbey will be playing a modern character in her next film. Lily James sported hot and sumptuous costumes for the purpose of playing the role of Lady Rose Aldridge in Downton Abbey–a period drama.

Lily James Super Revealing Hotness

However, her super hotness was revealed recently when she took off the corset and wore rather modern look while shooting for her latest movie ‘Baby Driver.’ The hot actress minus her gowns was spotted on the sets of the new film in Atlanta.


Lily James seemed very fresh and funky in a striped top coupled with a retro denim jacket. A thigh skimmed flare skirt of yellow color completed the dress.

The 25 year old actress stood 5ft 7 inches that is why she chose to wear leather work boots that also offered her a lift owing to the chunky heel. The boots were paired with grey, knee-high socks.

The hot actress chose to add more color to her look by throwing in a few pins over the jacket for decoration purpose. A pair of purple headphones matched with the stripes featured on her jumper.

Since the weather of Atlanta is relatively cool these days, Lily James also threw on a black quilted coat between the takes. A pair of sweatpants was also handy.

Born in 1989, Lily is an actress from England. She is widely popular owing to her role in the period drama ‘Downton Abbey.’ She also played the title role in the 2015 Disney film ‘Cinderella.’

Lily James started her career in 2010 with Just William which was a BBC production. She played the role of Ethel Brown. She received very warm reviews for her roles in many theatres productions in London.

In 2012, James started appearing in Hollywood movies. She had important roles in ‘Fast Girls,’ and ‘Wrath of Titans.’ She also appeared in many other TV roles one of which was Natasha Rostova in BBC production of War & Peace.

It is notable that all of the roles that she had played till now in high profile movies and TV programs like ‘Downton Abbey’, ‘Cinderella’, ‘War & Peace’, and ‘Pride and Prejudice’, has seen her wearing old fashioned costumes belonging to bygone eras.

During the beginning of this month, Lily James stated on a news channel that she will be playing a very different kind of character in her next role.

Her latest movie ‘Baby Driver’ will make it to the theatres in 2017. She will be starring opposite some of the most popular stars in Hollywood.


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