Michael Brown Death Anniversary mired in chaos

Eyewitnesses have stated about hearing shots as people came together to commemorate Michael Brown death two years after the incident.

Michael Brown Death Anniversary mired in chaos

Brown – a teenager – was the victim of a brutal police shooting. As per witnesses’ accounts a young protester was knocked down by a car and people rushed for cover when shots rang suddenly during a demonstration marking the second anniversary of Michael Brown’s death.


A video posted over the internet showed the young man hit by a car. He was standing on the road and was knocked down to kerb with the impact. People gathered around him calling for help. In the meanwhile guns began to fire. The young man was rushed to a hospital in a private car.

One of the young women present in the protests, Heather De Mian, said that she gave a loud scream when she saw the man being hit. When she heard gunfire, she screamed some more.

Jeff Small, the spokesman for Ferguson stated that the police responded immediately to the gunshot but declared that there had been not victims. Small did not comment on the reason why the alleged shots may have been fired.

Witnesses told a reporter from AP that the car made its way to a group of demonstrators and struck the young man so hard that the poor person that he was flung into the air. The unfortunate incident turned the otherwise peaceful protest into chaos and confusion.

Earlier during the same day dozens of people had gather for a memorial service on Michael Brown death anniversary. They also observed a moment of silence along the canfield Drive. This was the same spot where the teenager was fatally shot by Darren Wilson, a police officer. The incident has occurred on August 09, 2014.

There were no charges against Wilson because the State grand jury refused to do so. He was later cleared by the US justice department on the grounds that he was acting in self-defense. Darren Wilson resigned from the police force in November, 2014.

Michael Brown death culminated in violent protests in Ferguson. It also paved the way for the establishment of ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement admonishes the treatment meted out to the minorities by the state police. The movement’s ranks have swelled considerably after many other killings of blacks by the police in several parts of the country.

During Michael Brown death anniversary, the slain teen’s father made a speech during the memorial service. He said that it was a sad day for him, his family and the entire world. He said:

“My son built families up, opened the eyes of the world and let them know this ain’t right,” he said. “This color is not a disease. This color is beautiful. Black is beautiful.”


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