The X-Files ‘Home Again’ Offers All the Original Facets of the Hit Series

Writer Glen Morgan creates an episode that makes viewers nostalgic.

The X-Files ‘Home Again’ offers all the original facets of the hit series

“Home Again” was something of a relapse. To be fair, it was one of the most emotional of the new chapters yet. Viewers are only beginning to realize that these episodes were actually planned as a single miniseries or perhaps a compact version of a normal season.

The main theme of these episodes is William and the remorse felt by the two main characters – Mulder and Scully – over why they gave him up. As only this week, Scully felt that she feared they had thrown him away like garbage pushing him out of sight and out of mind.

However, at the end of the day, “Home Again” is a monster hunt unlike the previous week’s rather hilarious episode. What “Home Again” does is masterfully blend two distinct plots into one memorable episode. Almost two decades ago, The X-Files features review an episode titled “Home”. It was written by James Wong and Glen Morgan.

Home was visibly gross and the network refrained from repeating it for several years. Some viewers thought it was a great episode due to the shocking content it presented along with the classic horror vibe. Others thought it was too violent.

In many ways, Glen Morgan has tried to revert the story of “Home” setting it in urban Philadelphia. Scully must confront the fact that her family is completely shattered and her relationship with Mulder is also a fractured one.

Almost every viewer of the series personally felt the loss of Scully’s mother. This is only possible with a series boasting faithful audience since 1993. Her last words to Mulder sort of established him as one of her family members.

The contrast between the “Home” and “Home Again” is in the mystery of the week and its answer. In “Home” the monster was a human while in “Home Again” it is paranormal. Physically, it resembles golem, but actually, it was a creation of mind and belief.

“Home” was able to frighten viewer with perverse physicality, “Home Again” not only frightens its viewers, but also gives them hope from a mental connection that transcends the physical boundaries.

“Home Again” is an episode that is easier to watch and which feels more comfortable with itself. It offers all the strengths of The X-Files from the relationship between Scully and Mulder, to the intellectual themes of the story. I only hope that it was not the last of Scully that we watched in the episode.

“Home Again” is the episode 4 of the season 10 of The X-Files. It was written and directed by Glen Morgan and was aired in February 8.


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