10 Benefits of Renovating Kitchen with Granite Worktops

10 Benefits of Renovating Kitchen with Granite Worktops – Kitchen is the heart of a house. This is the place where the food belongs. A kitchen is also the cleanest and most creative area in a house as people like keeping their kitchens decorated with the latest trends.

Granite Worktops

Most of you want to have exclusive top-notch kitchen that adds style and class to your whole house. Whenever you think of renovating your kitchen, you should opt for investing in something valuable, such as granite. It may be expensive, but it is the ‘right choice’ for your kitchen worktops as it adds a luxurious touch to your kitchen.

If you’re skeptical about your decision, then you can look into these 10 benefits of renovating kitchen with granite worktops.

  1. Multiple Variations

Granite comes in many forms, colours, and styles. There are approximately 20 colours for granite – you can get one which goes along with the theme of your kitchen.

You either select the same colour as your cabinets, shelves and floor, or you can either opt for contrasting shades. Granite is also available in different patterns. It looks unique because the stones look different in different lighting combinations.

  • Heat Resistant

Usually you see people avoid putting hot stuff on their worktops, because heat causes damage to the material. It’s simply not the case with granite because it is ‘heat resistant’. Therefore, you don’t need to worry while putting hot plates or pans on the surface. You can put the hot dishes without worrying about any potential damage – giving you a feasible cooking experience.

  • Adds Value

Granite is considered to be an investment since it’s quite expensive. But in general, it adds a lot of value. For instance, people would be willing to buy your house at a higher price because granite worktops are very appealing to the buyers.

These granite tops are also very long-lasting, because it is very unlikely that their value declines. Since very few people have these worktops, it always adds to the value of kitchen. Apart from adding value, it also adds a luxury touch to your house. You must have noticed all modern kitchens and hotels most likely have granite worktops.

  • Easy to clean

Unlike other cheap materials, granite is not fragile nor does it fade away with time. It has a very hard material which has ‘natural sealing’ to it that eliminates all potential bacteria and making it extremely convenient for you to clean.

There’s no need for hard rubbing and scrubbing the tops with cleaning solutions because the material is very smooth and doesn’t consume any liquid. You can just use warm water with a clean towel to get rid of the dirt on these worktops.

  • Eco-Friendly

Granite comes in its natural form, there’s no heavy scaling or polishing done to it. There are no harmful chemicals used for the finishing for granite. On the contrary other materials are dipped into various chemicals and toxins. Therefore, granite is completely natural and healthy for the whole atmosphere.

When you decide to discard granite – it would still be valuable. It can also be recycled very easily – making it usable for various other purposes.

  • Better durability

Whenever someone spends money, the main goal is to derive the best value. Granite is a harder material than other materials, including marble. It’s quite tough and long-lasting material which makes it durable.

Usually people complain of scratches and cuts which are caused by knives due to chopping and cutting. Granite eliminates this problem too because its hard texture makes it scratch resistant. The easy repairing process of granite makes it more durable because no potential damage is done to it.

  • Resists Bacteria and Dirt

You must have seen stained countertops, and you would know how awful they look. Granite is that sort of material which is known to be sealed – meaning it won’t absorb anything into it, whether it be some sort of stain or even dirt.

Unlike rest of cluttered and dirty countertops your kitchen would be free from all sorts of dirt and bacteria. You just need to take a wet towel and wipe off all the clutter and dirt – if you don’t feel satisfied you can use a detergent to clear out the mess also!

  • Easily Repairable

There are a lot of experiments, which take place in a kitchen. You try new things out all the time, whether be a fire steak or baking brownies, you have to use one of your worktops.

There might be an instance where you are trying to pull out a pan from a shelf, but it falls in another direction right on the worktop. Well, with granite you don’t have to worry as you can call someone from Supremestone.co.uk to instantly fix it. They would just place dyed stone to seal the countertop.

  • Delicate and Appealing

Apart from being feasible and possessing so many advantages, it also looks beautiful and can enhance the look of your whole kitchen. They look extremely exquisite due to their high-quality material.

Your kitchen would look nothing less than a dream with such worktops. Despite being so elegant, they also have flat surfaces and firm shapes which make cooking easier, including making dough for baking. The texture is so delicate that you won’t have to make any changes to it.

  1. Free from Damage

You may have a big family with kids and pets. Well, they do like jumping into the kitchen, climbing through the counter tops. For which you need to get something which doesn’t damage easily.

For that granite is the best choice, no matter your kids sit or jump on the worktop or your pet climbs through it. The material is so thick that it won’t cause any damage to it. Granite is a natural stone and not many people are aware of the benefits it brings to the table. People usually back off due to high prices of granite. But whoever has sufficient budget should definitely invest in granite.

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