10 Key Features to Look for in Your Next Laptop

A laptop is one of the most significant gadgets that you should own to ease off your computing tasks and other jobs. Another thing that makes the laptop a great device is portability – you can take it with your anywhere and still be able to work on it.

10 Key Features to Look for in Your Next Laptop

When it comes to buying your next laptop or even a first one, you need to consider some vital factors so that you bring home the best options. Go through this post and know what features you need to consider before buying a laptop in India!

  1. Size

If you are always on the move, then you should know that a laptop with a small screen is a viable option. It is because they are designed to be slim and light. It would be good to opt for a laptop with an 11-13 inch size weighing less. Also, you should pick a size depending on what tasks you are looking to do on it. For example, a gamer and Graphics Designer should go for a laptop with 15.6 inch or more.

  • Screen

Many a time, people complain of headache while doing tasks on their laptops. Hence, a laptop screen that is comfortable to look at is the key here. Glossy screens, especially touchscreen, are a no-no if you suffer from frequent headaches. It is because they produce too much reflection, which may cause health scars gradually.

  • CPU

The processor of a laptop is one of the key aspects to consider while buying one as it is the brain of the system. A processor is what comes into play no matter what you are doing on your system from pressing a key, opening a file and more. If you want to indulge in web surfing and light tasks, then you should opt for a dual-core processor. It empowers you to open multiple windows and apps at a time. On the other hand, dual core CPUs are good for multitasking; they may not be commendable for tasks such as photo editing and gaming. If you want nothing but the best performance, then it would be recommended to go for an Intel Core i7 processor because of its ability to process multimedia tasks. The more cores you have in your laptop’s processor, the better will be the performance of your Lenovo laptop or any other brand.

  •  RAM

Along with the laptop processor, RAM is another vital aspect that you must consider while buying a new laptop. It is because it lets you perform with more details at the same time. But how much RAM is too much? If you have average tasks to complete on a daily basis, then you need to consider at least a 4 GB RAM. If you are a Photo or Video Editor or a gamer, then you should ensure to get at least 8 GB RAM. However, another thing is that higher is your RAM, the battery gets drained over time. Thus, if you are concerned about long battery life than multitasking, you should opt for less RAM.

  • Storage

It is the storage of a laptop that you should also take into account while buying one as it is where your videos, movies, music and files get stored. You should ensure that you are getting a large HDD because external storage comes at a higher price if you have to buy it later. You should go for at least 500 GB and better if it is 1 TB.

  • Connectivity

A laptop needs to be connected to something like a thumb drive or external display. Yes, it is fine to get adapters, but it would be great to purchase an HP laptop or any other brand that comes with a bunch of better connectivity options. It would be recommended to get a couple of USB 3.0 ports and more. It may help you connect a hard drive at the time of backing up files. Even SD card slots are also significant, especially if the user of the machine is a Photo Editor. It is because it makes the transferring of photos a hassle-free affair.

  • Budget

The price that you can allocate for a laptop depends on what features you may be looking for. It can help you set aside a budget, and you will be able to get a laptop without splurging and best matching your needs. Nowadays, you can get laptops under Rs.25,000 for basic needs.

  • Brand

The brand is another thing that you must take into account while zeroing on a new laptop. You should not buy a laptop from a lesser known brand because of a lower price offering. The reputed laptop brands in India are Lenovo, Dell, and HP.

By considering these discussed factors, you can easily get a better laptop at a price under your budget.

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