10 Things You Should Know Before Selecting Magento e-Commerce Platform

The E-commerce platform is a very trending business in today’s digital world, and business owners using their online store at different platforms. Magento is one of the top e-commerce platforms to build up the store & mostly medium & large business entrepreneurs prefer this platform for its open-source feature.

Magento e-Commerce Platform

And for a smooth-running store, you need to hire Magento certified developers smartly, by testing their skill sets to build up store at Magento. Here some facts to know before starting the e-commerce Website Development process with Magento.

1. Most Business Store Owners using Magento

With recent report more the 2.5 lakh business entrepreneur using Magento platform for e-commerce Website Development. It is proofed that Magento is one of the leading platforms for the E-commerce platform & most store owners are preferring to launch their store at the Magento platform.

2. Keep on Updated New features

Magento has this special feature “Product Alert Notification”, which helps to make clear communication with clients. These special features keep on buzzing their consumers with new upcoming features or realized features updates. It will help the user to know about the feature for which he might be waiting for too long.

3. Observing to PCI

PCI stands for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards. PCI helps to protect the personal data like payment information of the customer. With Magento, you will find the built-in feature, which assists the site owner to learn about PCI.

It also includes Magento secure payment bridge & PA-DSS certified feature. Magento always keeps a secure payment bridge from their e-commerce platforms which makes it too simple to update e-commerce platforms with no changes in payment options.

4. SEO Friendliness in Magento E-commerce Platform

SEO is the king of online marketing, Magento has the efficiency of making trust. Magento is the platform with SEO relevant extension available, for that Google also take it reliable to resist longer.

Every new businessman should learn about Magento SEO to get rid of eCommerce competition.

5. Magento Develop Mobile-Friendly Website

The mobile responsive website always impacts Google ranking & many other features are important to make website mobile friendly. A mobile-friendly website is required to build up more customers & increase sales because most people use mobile than desktop these days.

We can say it is a key tip to increase store value & revenue. Magento framework has the feature to customize a template which makes it efficient to develop a mobile-friendly website. Also, your impressive website will get easily load in lesser time.

6. Magento Provide Security Customization

Magento e-commerce platform is open-sourced & flexible to customize as per requirement. This is truly amazing to design your store according to your requirement & add features to make your store user-friendly & also improve user experience.

But this prostrate to hacking website by unwanted robots. But, at the Magento framework, you have the feature to customize your data security of the website. You’ll be able to create a different / customized admin path which will block the IP addressed to access.

7. Select Custom Theme Suitable for Your Brand

E-commerce business is increasing day by day, & lots of competitors are dealing with high completion with the same products. But the user needs friendliness & trust to buy the product from the online store.

Magento gives you the platform to choose customize themes relevant for your brand, but one thing you need to keep mind that the theme looks should not the same used by any other store, otherwise it would be harder to build up uniqueness for your brand.

Magento has the feature to customize your theme by using extensive extensions available to add on & make your site fabulous.

8. Time to Time Update in Content & Website

Changes are very important in all aspects, the same applies to your website also. When a customer starts buying from your store then a few facts are noticeable like content listed & styling of the website.

If you want to run, you smartly then you’ll have to act vigorously. Content is the backbone of SEO; an outdated pattern of content will ruin SEO rules which will directly affect the website traffic & fall in sales.

Magento offers the best solution for this, you can modify any functionality you wish to. Its open-sourced feature provides you with multiple options and also an inbuilt library to edit any modern language.

9. Analytics Modules for E-commerce Website

To increase the sales of online store you need to target the keyword & work to get in the top 10 of search engine results. You can add Google Analytics to your Magento e-commerce website to track your audience, path, complete details of website data.

This helps the user to find the relevant keyword to target & do SEO for the website. You can add more analytics modules for analysis in the Magento platform.

10. Create User-Generated Content

With the Magento platform, it is very easy to create user-generated data likewise customer reviews & ratings, testimonials, etc. It’ll help to increase more traffic to site & increase conversions, as these reviews are shared truth.


Magento platform for e-Commerce Website Development is the best option for any business owner, with an extensive list of features & functionality available. Especially when you have a large online store then choosing Magento would be a great decision.

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