Beta for PUBG Mobile 0.17.0 reveals new details

PUBG Mobile has received the 0.16.5 update on 9 January. Along with it, there have been several new additions to the game such as the new Royale Pass Season 11, changes in Arena mode, bringing back the Warehouse map and many quality of life changes.

Beta for PUBG Mobile 0.17.0 reveals new details

But it appears that there is a beta testing program for the next update as well. The next update, version 0.17.0 will feature some changes and a lot of new gameplay updates. However, it should be known that the beta testing will cap at 5,000 players and after that sign-ups will stop.

Here are the steps you need to follow if you wish to register:

? Open link:
? Fill all the profile details
? Click on submit after filling all the details.
? Check your email after a few hours of registration to check whether you are selected or not

This will also most probably be the patch in which Qualifiers for PMCO 2020 Spring Split will be played and anyone appearing for the tournament should be properly familiar with the patch. There are several new features being added to the 0.17.0 version as well. Here is a list of them.

Death Camera (Death Replay)

This feature have always been requested by everyone and there was no information in PUBG Mobile news until now. It has been there in the PC and console versions of PUBG for a while but as of patch 0.16.5, there is no death cam feature available.

The Death Camera will finally be available in patch 0.17.0 where you can see where your enemy shot from. This feature was implemented in the Chinese version of PUBG mobile and will now be featured in all regions.

Extreme Cold Mode

PUBG Mobile will also introduce the “Extreme Cold Mode” feature in 0.17.0. What this means is that players will also need to battle the environment along with players. They have to gather firewood and create a fireplace to keep themselves and their team warm. Additionally, they will also have to hunt for chickens and animals to eat in order to survive.

There will be a warning when an extreme cold wave is about to hit. During this time, players will need to prepare accordingly and find shelter and food. We’re not sure if this will be limited to the Vikendi map or if it will be available for others

Color Blind Mode

PUBG has already confirmed the Color Blind Mode as an upcoming feature a few months ago. Now it is finally confirmed that it will be available in patch 0.17.0. As the title states, it is a mode that will assist colour blind players to play better. Users can set their colour preferences on whatever palette they desire so that their PUBG Mobile experience is more enjoyable. It is a great accessibility feature that we hope Tencent will put in more effort for other players.

Possible changes to Erangel

It is believed that the Erangel map will get two new locations: Arcade and Amusement Park. The two areas are also set to feature mini-games. There is also talks about a new mode in Erangel called Wingsuit Fly. We don’t have too many details about this at the moment but it will be clear once the patch is live or ready to be live.

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