8 best games that will slay your boredom every time

The economic climate may fluctuate all around the world. But, there are specific industries that do well, regardless. One sector that is rapidly growing, both in terms of consumers and revenue is the gaming sector.

8 best games that will slay your boredom every time

NewZoo reports that there are over 2.5 billion gamers in the world. According to TechJury, the gaming sector generated over $135 billion in revenue in 2018. By 2021, many predict that the figure will reach over $180 billion.

Considering the sheer growth and popularity of games in today’s era, one thing is for sure- there are games out there for every occasion and every person. At times of boredom, here are games that are bound to entertain you.

1.      Slither.io

Who hasn’t played the infamous snake game? Back in the good old days, every Nokia mobile had the game for sure. The game persists in today’s time too. In the form of slither.io. This game can be played on the browser and revolves around a glowing caterpillar who is out to collect all the orbs it can.

 When you collect the orbs, your caterpillar will grow. At the same time, you must avoid all other hungry caterpillars that are out munching on their share of orbs. These caterpillars are actual players.

And if you touch any of them, you will die. Your caterpillar will be transformed into a group of orbs that you were happily munching on. Eat but don’t get eaten is the motto of this game.

2.      Sheep Stacking

Sheep Stacking is an arcade game available on the online platform called Unlimited Gamez Mo. The gameplay cannot get any simpler than this. The game takes you to a green alpine meadow. The sheep stacking competition is about to take place.

To succeed, you have to tap your screen and begin stacking your sheep, exactly on top of one another. If your sheep stacks perfectly on top of one another, you can get the point. If not, you lose.

This simple yet addictive game will make sure your free time flies by. There are various other games on the platform too that are excellent for slaying boredom.

3.      PinOut

Did you know it is possible to time travel? Well, not literally. But, with PinOut, you might just feel that you are back to the ’80s. Whether it be the neon pinball, the catchy soundtrack or the 80’s inspired visuals, PinOut has it all.

The pinball table is bound to keep you hooked for hours. As you try to ensure that the ball stays in the table, you won’t even notice the clocks ticking.

4.      Marvel: Contest of Champions

The Marvel Universe is one of the most complex yet best creations of this decade. Their movies and comic books aren’t the only things that can entertain you. In fact, there are various Marvel-inspired games that will keep boredom at bay.

One such game is Marvel: Contest of Champions. Here, you will finally get to see two worlds collide. You can finally have a showdown between Deadpool and popular Marvel characters like Iron Man.

There isn’t much storyline involved in the game. All you have to do is tap your thumb and witness as your chosen superhero beats his/her opponent. It might be shallow and simple, but it is entertaining nonetheless.

5.      Ultimate Flash Sonic

The chances are that you are familiar with Sonic the Hedgehog. After all, who isn’t! Well, nothing beats boredom like Sonic the Hedgehog.

The Ultimate Flash Sonic might be an old game. But, this doesn’t mean that it is any less effective today. The game features two zones, four characters and a very catchy Angel island soundtrack. Even though the features offered are not plenty, there are still enough for a good time.

6.      Lara Croft: Relic Run

There was a time when running games were a very big trend. Now, people have moved on. But, this doesn’t mean that the games have stopped being any less addictive as they once were!

In the overdone genre, one running game has succeeded in standing out for all the right reasons. And that is Lara Croft: Relic Run. Let’s face it. Who doesn’t like Lara Croft? And who wouldn’t like a game where they assume the role of the popular tomb raider?

Whether it be gunslinging, platforming or running, Lara Croft: Running Relic offers it all. The presence of various fully-fledged environments to choose from further spice things up. And it will guarantee that you keep coming back to the game without getting fed up of its gameplay.

7.      10 Bullets

As the name suggests, this game is all about explosions and destruction. After all, there are bullets involved! But there is a catch. You only get 10 bullets in the game. Once you fire them all, the game is over.

So, what do you have to do with the bullets? You are required to start a chain reaction. You must hit your target so that they combust and explode. When they do, they will detonate one another. The game is as much about precision as it is about your strategy.

Among all the targets, you must hit ones that are likely to cause the maximum destruction to each other. If you do, you will end up becoming a spectator as the exploding targets play the game for you.

8.      Wordscapes

Wish to pass the time and perfect your vocabulary, all at the same time? If so, Wordscapes might be the ideal game for you. Here, the challenge you will face is to make words out of a pool of at most seven letters.

For the first 700 levels, the game is perfectly realistic and doable. But, if you invest more time than that, you start getting the weirdest words ever. And that is where the fun starts! You will surely end up adding on to your vocabulary.


Don’t limit yourself to any one of these games. Play them all when you are bored. The more cure for a problem, the better. Did we miss out any games you think will help slay boredom? Let us know.

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