The Best Android Games Ever

The PlayStore on Android has gaming options for everyone. Be it games that test your mind, action, racing and what note. Here is a compilation of the best Android games ever.  It contains a mix of various categories for everyone.

The Best Android Games Ever

Clash of Clans:

This is a real time strategy game, where the player gets to be the clan leader and strategise the defense. You protect your village from attack and fight back. There is also the option of joining other clans and playing for others, this is a perfect android game for those who love strategy. In fact the best in terms of strategising.

Angry Birds:

All the angry birds released on android are addictive to say the least. It has never ending levels that give you never ending gaming time. This is a favourite amongst kids and adults alike.

Hill climb racing:

This is a physics based hill climbing game where the player attempts to climb the steepest of hills. This consists of controlling the brakes and the throttle skilfully. Good performance lets you collect coins, fuel and so on to help you move further.

Dag Racing:

It is one of the best Android racing games. You will enjoy this game if you enjoy racing games on Android. You can race with about 50 cars and like in all racing games you just have to beat your opponent to the finishing line. Performance allows you to earn money and respect points with which you can spend on the cars. You can also compete with players around the world.

Temple Run:

Another addictive Android game is the Temple Run. The player just has to run at an uncontrollable speed over obstacles and deviations. He has to collect gold coins and other goodies on the way. With endless levels this game becomes obsessive with a lot of gaming hours.

Triple Town:

This is one of those mellow games like Farmville. This Android game is to build the best town in the given space. It consists of various combinations with which you can build the town like combining bushes to make a tree and so on.

Assassins Creed Pirates:

This game is has some of the best graphics that Android games have to offer. Here you can be the captain of your own pirate ship where you explore for treasure. You encounter other ships with which you fight and this makes the game fun and realistic.

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