Best Teleconference Apps on Android

With ever increasing Globalization it is almost impossible businesses to have everyone involved under the same roof. The teleconference apps on Android have provided much relief and progress from the traditional teleconference through phone lines.

Best Teleconference Apps on Android

These apps provide highly efficient business solutions when employees and stakeholders are on the move or in different parts of the world. This is a list of the best teleconference apps on Android.


This app takes teleconference on Android a step ahead. If you face the problem of identifying who said what during a conference call, Voxeet is the best app for you. It consists of 3-D sound and recognition features. The app accommodates up to 8 participants who will be spread over your screen virtually with their pictures.

Every time a person on the right side of the table speaks, you will only hear it in your right ear and vice versa. It also allows you to switch between your desktop and android devise, for your convenience. An additional feature of Voxeet is the whisper feature. Here any two participants can share a private communication to facilitate a more practical business setting.


Speek is a teleconference app on Android that facilitates speedy teleconferencing. It eliminates the need for any password, pin or and other ID. Once you create an account on Speek a URL is created for you with which you can invite participants to join via e-mail, text and so on. It is a free app for up to five participants and consists of a monthly fee for unlimited participants.


This is teleconference app on Android that comes packed with more innovative features. It consists of an option which is social media connect. During the call you can click on any participant and check their social media profiles for more information on the participant. It has a colorful and engaging interface which facilitates easier call management. In addition you can mute any speaker during a call and ‘evict’ people from the call.

You can just invite people by sending a link or in the Pro version the app will automatically dial everyone at the appointed time so all you have to do is to answer. You can also check call participation at the end of the call to identify who participated the most and the least during a call.

The free version accommodates 17 participants but it involves listening to the automated brand message at the beginning of every call. The Pro version comes at $10 which allows up to 100 participants. The additional features in the Pro version are that you can record the call, you can set an appointment and the app will automatically dial for you.  This is the best teleconference app on Android when it comes to management of calls.

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