Jennifer Lawrence Vogue – Highly Criticized Christians

It is a well known fact that the Jennifer Lawrence is a highly paid actress in the world, and she is the star of the block buster series “The Hunger Games”. Now it is in the news that she highly criticized the Christians in her recent interview with Vogue and she is now being criticized for the same.

Jennifer Lawrence Vogue – Highly Criticized Christians

Jennifer is a known personality to remain prominent in Media for criticizing others. This time she criticized the Christians very harshly. For the December edition of Vogue in which the subject of Kim Davis came up, Jennifer Lawrence interview. Kim is the one who refused to sign the Licenses of wedding for the gay couple and eventually went to jail for the same.

Jennifer Lawrence was born on 15th august 1990 and she is a known American Actress. She worked in many block buster movies and she was famous after the movie X-Men First class. She got an international level fame from the Hunger games series and working in that movie helped her to be the highest grossing actress and she won many awards for the same.

Jonathan Van Meter who is the writer of Vogue Described the reaction of Jennifer Lawrence as this:

When I was at the house of Jennifer Lawrence to be precise it was the day after Kim Davis came out of the jails, as she was sentenced to jail for refusing the order to issue the Marriage licenses of the same sex couples. When asked about her from Jennifer Lawrence she just said that, “the one who makes me embarrassed to be from Kentucky? Don’t you dare say her name again in this house”? “I know how the Kentucky people are, I grew up there. They are People Holding Their Crucifixes, Which May As Well Be Pitchforks and they think that they are fighting a good fight”.

As a response Jennifer Lawrence Attacks Christians saying more, “I was raised as a Republican but I cannot imagine supporting a party that does not support the basic rights of the women. Now that it is 2015 gay people can get married and we are thinking that we have come so far? But that is not the really. We have not and I just cannot stay quiet about that stuff.”

Her new movie “The Hunger Games: Mocking jay Part 2” will be released November 20. We hope that her new stunt don’t bring any damage to her upcoming movie.

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