The Best Websites For Free Education

Education and learning is no longer limited to the privileged few. Thanks to the internet, now everyone can have access to information and get themselves educated for almost nothing. Apart from general surfing and learning, there are websites dedicated to providing quality education for free, from the best known universities and experts from various fields. Compiled here is a list of the best websites for free education.

The Best Websites For Free Education


Coursera contains with it educational programmes from some of the best universities in the world, like Princeton. The courses on courser come for particular durations where one can learn by watching the videos uploaded, course material provided. The advantage of Coursera is that these videos and materials can be accesses at any time depending on your convenience. This website also provides a wide range of topics and disciplines to choose from ranging from thermodynamics to philosophy. The objective of this website to make education available to everyone, this is definitely one of the best websites for free education.


This website has a different approach to education; it focuses on a problem solving approach rather than a lecture mode. For all those who crave a practical based approach to education, this is the place to go to. However the website currently contains only 11 courses all focused on physics and mathematics. In these fields, this is the best website for free education.

Open Culture:

Looking to get educated on those aspects that are not main-stream like culture, religion and anthropology? Open culture has created a niche for free education in these aspects.  It contains culturally rich videos and movies that are not popularly available. This is hands down one of the best websites for free education.


Hardly anyone needs an introduction to the wonderful community of TED-ED. This website teaches you that learning does not have to stop at the threshold of objective subjects. Education and learning is taken a step forward here by including topics for holistic development like the power of the mind, positivity and so on. Learning on this website consists of videos which are about 10 minutes long with inspiring people from all walks of life. For a well rounded development, this is definitely the best website for free education.


Learnist is like the Pintrest of education. It consists of user friendly boards where you can pin various interesting articles that you come across. Users can actively introduce material on to the community. Thus is like a co-operative community for education.

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