U.S Airstrike Kills Notorious ISIS Militant Jihadi John

In a move to increase airstrikes in parts of Syria and Iraq controlled by the ISIS, the US drone claims to have killed the notorious and infamous ‘Jihadi John’ or Mohammad Emwarzi.  Jihadi John has been present in the various videos released by the ISIS involving the beheading of non-violent civilians and activists.

U.S Airstrike Kills Notorious ISIS Militant Jhadi John

He has been identified to be from London as a graduate from Westminster.  The British and the U.S governments are said to have worked together closely during this attack. David Cameron, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom made a statement to the effect that Jihad John had been killed to a high degree of certainty.

He added that the targeting and killing of Jihadi John was an act of self defence and he was a threat to innocents throughout the world. The U.S officials also confirmed the attacks and stated that he was 99% dead.

Jihadi John was tracked by a drone for most of the day and it engaged him as he stepped into his car in the de-facto capital of Syria, Raqqa. The drone was made to engage as soon as officials in the Pentagon “ID’d” him.  The Pentagon is 99% sure that the drone killed him along with his driver.

Many of the hostages that the ISIS held hostage, depicting the presence of Jihadi John are journalists Steve Sotloff, James Foley. Abdul Kassig, an American aid worker. David Haines, Alan Henning who were British aid workers amongst the others held captive.  Though the death of Jihadi John is no military feat considering the growing size and influence of the ISIS in the region, this is definitely a moral victory considering he was a significant militant.

Jihadi John or Emwarzi is in his 20s and is a European which earned him his infamous name.  He is described his captors to be a brutal animal and a psychopath. He would take extra sadistic pleasure in torturing and targeting Europeans and other Caucasians.

He would explain to them slowly how their captors would behead them.  Sources in Raqqa claim that he was badly injured when bought to the hospital after the drone, but he was not dead. However later during the day, the hospital was closed for the public.

Locals claim that this is usually done when one of the major ISIS militant dies so that they can go on later and claim that the militant is alive on social media. This gives it a 99% possibility that Jihadi John is dead

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