10 Tips to Improve Your Diet

Planning your diet well can help you manage your food intake smartly. Knowing few small things can make a big difference. All of us know the basics of what to eat and what not to eat. These 10 tips will help you improve your diet, beyond the basics of diet planning. These are easy and barely need any effort.

1: Fruit For Fruit Juice:

Stop drinking fruit juices henceforth, replace that glass of juice with an actual fruit. Amongst the tips to improve your diet this is the easiest and most effective. Drinking fruit juice involves consumption of sugar that we add to it. Also you are destroying the fiber value in the fruit which is important.

10 Tips to Improve Your Diet Fruit For Fruit Juice

2: Opt for wholegrain:

Be it bread or flour, whole grain has less gluten content and is hence healthier. The taste barely makes much of a difference. Following this tip to improve your diet could save you from much harm.

10 Tips to Improve Your Diet Opt for wholegrain

3: Go Sugar Free:

Substituting sugar with other sweeteners is not a difficult task. It does not even affect the taste value of your food. Healthy alternatives could be honey, jiggery and artificial sugar. Sugar makes you more prone to diabetes, obesity and is unhealthy all in all.

4: Time Your Fruit:

Tips to improve your diet can really open your eyes over here. Fruits, however healthy they are, digest very quickly and react with the undigested food, making them counterproductive. Hence have your fruit on an empty stomach, they will digest very quickly in about 30 minutes after which you can have your meal.

10 Tips to Improve Your Diet Time Your Fruit

5: Omega-3:

These are very essential for a healthy heart, joints and repair. We often ignore this in our diet. You must definitely pick this one from tips to improve your diet for a wholesome diet. Eating flax seeds, fish will give you the omega-3 that you need.

10 tips to improve your diet Omega-3

6: Fluids:

Include sufficient fluids in your diet, it healthy alternative to food. However they must be sugar-free.

7: Fats:

Fats is measured quantities is a must for your body. However choose the type of fat you consume. Saturated fats increase your cholesterol levels and are usually animal fats. On the other hand unsaturated fats reduce the bad cholesterol level in your body and help keep it optimum. These are found in nuts, avocado, olive oil.

10 Tips to Improve Your Diet Fats

8: Salt:

As tasty as the food gets with salt, it is harmful for your body. It contributes to high blood pressure and reduces water level in your body. Stay away from salty food.

9: Skipping meals:

Skipping meals puts your body on conserve mode and it becomes stingy to spend the stored fat. Skipping a meal is counterproductive. Include this from tips to improve your diet.

10 Tips to Improve Your Diet Skipping meals

10: Smaller Portions:

Reduce the portions of your meals and spread your meals over the day. This keeps your digestive system active and increases your metabolism.

10 Tips to Improve Your Diet Smaller Portions

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