12 Tips to Make the First Date Less Awkward

No matter what you do, first dates will always be awkward. It is in your best interest to show only your good sides. But in the end, someone will get food stuck in their teeth. Or if drinks are a little too strong and you tell a joke that is not really funny. There is no doubt that first dates are on the top the list of things that people dislike about dating.

Dating Tips

Ask Questions About Things That Matter To You 

You probably want to know if your date has any red flags and is it worth investing yourself in that relationship. Find out if you even need to waste your time with a second date. 

If you’re truly interested in the response instead of just asking questions to come off interesting or polite, you’re likely going to spark fun and meaningful conversations.

Be Genuinely Curious

We all know that dates aren’t about you. They are about getting to know the other person and seeing if you two have a connection. So the best way to open up to someone and connect with them is by being curious about who they are and what they like. 

This is one of the best ways of lowering awkwardness levels. Start talking and asking them what they like. Find out what is interesting about them, what you have in common or what’s different. But don’t judge, listen to them with an open heart.

Don’t Panic If There Is Silence

If one of your attempts at starting a conversation has failed, and it is dead silence in the room, even though it is a real panic-inducing moment, don’t freak out. If you start nervously talking whatever you can make it even worse. Stay calm and think of another topic you can talk about and help the conversation resume by itself.

Put Your Phone Down

The best way to keep a conversation going is by getting rid of all the distractions from the table. If he is talking to you and you are listening and scrolling through Instagram he will be offended and stop talking. That will create the dreaded awkward silence. 

Avoid Fancy Restaurants 

By going to a fancy place you are going to make your date feel like they have to be on your best behaviour. That can lead to tensing up and not being your true self. Opt for places that don’t have fancy wine glasses and candles and fancy food. Try something a little more chill for the first date. 

Don’t Have Unrealistic Expectations

By having unrealistic expectations you are setting the date up for a fail. If you strive too much to get that perfect date you are only stressing yourself out and risking of looking like a fool. So it is better not to pressure yourself to act a certain way and don’t fantasise how the date is going to act. Just relax and enjoy the date.

Embrace the Awkwardness

We are all aware that the first date must be awkward. It is practically impossible to sit down with someone you don’t know and have a consistent conversation. If you acknowledge the awkwardness that comes with the first date you are making it easier for both of you because you will be relaxed. It is always fun to see how a person reacts when you say something weird.

Bring Flowers

Many people say that bringing flowers for your first date isn’t the best move, which will make you look like you are trying too much. But it is a simple gesture that you care and that you have put in the effort to get them something that they will remember the date by. If you decide to gift them flowers last minute you can simply order flowers online and have them delivered to your door. And keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be a huge bouquet, bigger is not always better. 

Don’t Be Negative

Sometimes we use negativity as a filter. People tend to talk about things that they hate and complain about stuff. But no one wants to listen to the negative talk on their first date. It is better that you chat about things that interest you and about things that you enjoy doing instead. It will set a better tone for the rest of the night. 

Take Small Risks

We can all agree that we always stay near safe and funny topics during our first dates. Don’t be afraid to start a deeper conversation. But before you do, you have to ask for permission to ask about more personal things or if they would like to hear something more personal about your life. If they have a positive response go for it but don’t go too deep. On the other hand, if they say no, don’t be discouraged, keep the funny and simple topic going.

Plan Something Interactive 

If you are worried that you are going to run out of things to talk about with your date, think about planning something interactive instead of going for a typical movie and dinner. Dinner may sound awesome and nice but if you run out of topics things will get awkward really fast. Having fun dates with activities like going to an Escape Room, a carnival or a theme park can save you the awkwardness. You can just talk about the things that are happening at that moment. 

Avoid Controversial Topics

There are a few topics that are not meant to be brought up on the first dates. Because technically your date is a stranger. Avoid subjects like exes, politics, sex and finances. You don’t want to get into a fight on a first date or make them feel awkward or ashamed. 

Let’s be real, the point of first dates is to get through the awkwardness. And it is the best way to find out if they really like you. Try to give a chance for a second date because you and your date will feel more comfortable once you get to know each other.

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