3 Best Bodyweight Exercises You Should Try

When most people think of bodyweight exercise, they often think of exercises that involve weights. But, you can do many other exercises that are just as effective and are much less time-consuming. You can also incorporate many different types of movements into your workout routine.

bodyweight exercise

Many people think that weight exercises are only for the really strong people, but you can learn how to lift weights to tone and build muscles in a short period. As far as strength training, there are so many different types of exercises that you can choose from, so be sure to get plenty of variety if you want to work out with loads of weight.

Arm Press

One type of exercise that’s been growing in popularity is the arm press. This can be done by using either dumbbells or barbells, although you can also use a combination of both to make it easier on your arms.

The first thing you’ll need to do is find a spot where you can hold onto some sturdy weights, such as dumbbells or barbells. With the weights, place one end of each bar on the floor so that you have your back facing down. Now, you can then bring your feet together and begin to hold onto the weights in an overhead position.

An excellent way to do this exercise is to get one dumbbell up towards your body and try to balance yourself on the other end. If you’re comfortable, you can then alternate the weight between your hands, but you don’t want to put too much pressure on one hand.

As mentioned earlier in the introduction, most bodyweight exercises don’t require the uses of gym equipment, but it’s a good tool to start out with as a beginner. I recommend going this list of home gym essentials to pick up the right equipment for your workout. With arm press, it’s ideal to have at least a pair of dumbbells.

Shoulder Press

Another very popular bodyweight exercise that is used to target upper and lower arms is the shoulder press. To do this exercise, you’ll need to have a spot on the floor where you can rest your feet and keep your back up. With dumbbells, place them around your legs and shoulders so that you can rest your arms on them.

As you can see, this isn’t exactly easy for most people to do, but it’s still a great way to work your shoulders. Using a dumbbell as your support, you’ll want to lie down flat on the floor and keep your legs up.

Once you’ve got your feet positioned where you like them, then try to push your body weight into the weight until you feel it begin to move. You want to ensure that you maintain consistent pressure and get the movement started slowly so that you can get your elbows under the weight before it moves too much.

Chest Press

In addition to a shoulder press, you can also perform another very similar exercise, which is the chest press. Again, you’ll need to have a spot on the floor, and you’ll also need a pair of dumbbells.
To perform this exercise, lie flat on the floor, and then bring your weight under your chin. Then, you’ll want to bring your arms across your chest, making sure that your elbows are tucked in.

Few things to know

Although, some of the workout routines mentioned above requires equipment such as the barbell or the dumbbell. However, most of these types of training does not require any equipment and will get your body into shape quickly. You can start with some basic exercises that will build up your stamina. As you do these exercises more often and can master them, you will be able to workout your body on your own.

The first types of exercises that you should incorporate into your daily workout, squats, and lunges. These are both effective exercises and will significantly improve your strength and stamina. Also, they are two of the most efficient exercises that you can perform. If you want to put on more muscle mass, you will need to push yourself harder and lift more weight.

By doing these types of exercises, you will improve your endurance and improve your overall strength. A well-designed routine will also help to improve your fitness level and help you stay fit and healthy.

The second type of exercise that you should focus on is the balancing and jumping type of exercises. These are exercises that you will perform on an aerobic basis. To get into good shape, you must incorporate these types of training into your routine. Balancing and jumping exercises include running, walking, and swimming.

After you do some of these few exercises, then you can move on to more challenging ones such as the shoulder press or chest press.


These are just a few of the many types of bodyweight exercises that you can do. If you’re interested in toning your muscles and increasing your strength, these types of exercises are a great way to get started.

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