3 Exact Reasons You Can’t Get An Erection

Nothing can be worse than not able to make your girl satisfied on the bed. Well, we know that numerous men are suffering from the lack of erection or directly speaking erectile dysfunction.

3 Exact Reasons You Can’t Get An Erection

And for that reason, they are suffering from multiple psychological issues like frustration, depression, agony and many other problems.

So, if you are one of them don’t lose hope and try to fathom the situation appropriately. It will help you to come up with the solution so that you can again go back to your happiness.

Here, we are going to deliver you with a list of things that are responsible for your erectile dysfunction. Going through these reasons will help you to take a proper decision.

Drinking too much alcohol can resist your erection

Well, drinking too much alcohol is one of the most significant reasons behind the issue of construction. It works as a depressant in your central nervous system, which is a big reason for behind of problem of not getting an erection.

In addition to that, alcohol is also responsible for decreasing the blood flow through your penis, which also deters you from getting a proper erection. Yes, we can understand that alcohol is capable of making you relaxed and enhance your sexual performance with a small bit of booze in your body. But over drinking can lead you to erectile dysfunction.

Stress and exhaustion can deter you from getting an erection

All of us are living a pretty stressed life these days. We are running behind money and getting stressed and exhausted in the process. We forget the fact that stress and exhaustion have numerous adverse effects on your sex life as they will create issues regarding your erection.

According to the doctors and the psychologists when you are going through stress and exhaustion, your body will try to channel all its energy to the essential organs of the body and during that time, your penis will be the least important on the list.

Certain medications are also responsible for your erectile dysfunction

Another big reason for your problems regarding erection is certain medications. Numerous drugs are responsible for inducing the issues regarding erectile dysfunction.

Some of the medicines that are responsible for this problem are blood pressure medications diuretics as well as beta-blockers. Well, these medicines are high for the heart, but their interference with the blood vessels and the sympathetic nervous system can be responsible for the reduction of the blood flow to your penis. Also, there is a particular anti-depressant that is responsible for the erectile issues that you are facing.

Moreover, there are some serotonin reuptake inhibitors like Lexapro, and Prozac, which reduces the testosterone level from your blood vessel and will make your ejaculation take more time.

So, these are the significant reasons for which you are finding it tough to get the desired erection. Therefore, if you are associated with any of the above-written causes, we would suggest you consult a doctor who can help.  

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