Chiropractic and Functional Medicine – An Upcoming Trend for the Ultimate Cure

Healthcare, nowadays, revolves around the prescription of medicine for your symptom, the inefficiency of these drugs after intake, and the repeated doctor and hospital visits to gain a substantial solution for the issue.

Discouraged with ineffective, impersonal, symptom-centric medical approaches, a large number of patients are in search of better ways to solve their health problems. The field of functional medicine, a radical new model for treating anything from an acute symptom to chronic disease, is a new go-to place for the patients.

Chiropractic and Functional Medicine

Chiropractic care helps patients to attain ideal health conditions. They use aspects of functional medicine in their chiropractors’ practices, and thus, they make the most of their approaches to treat patients.

How does chiropractic medicine work?

If required functional medicine, chiropractors can also work with other professionals to improve patients’ health, the basis of which is increased focus on the patients’ best interests. For instance, a chiropractor may refer you to an acupuncturist for further help, and vice versa. The approach followed by a functional medicine practitioner is different from that of a conventional doctor. A functional medicine practitioner will give the patient an extensive questionnaire about possible triggers of the problems.

It includes questions about diet, the digestive and elimination patterns, the amount of sleep achieved, stress levels, exercise, and lifestyle choices, including alcohol consumption and smoking. After knowing the health history, the functional medicine practitioner orders laboratory analysis to create a personalized agenda for diagnosis and treatment. The laboratory tests include the test for IgG ELISA food antibodies, saliva hormone tests, stool analysis, urine toxic metal tests, and tests for thyroid-stimulating hormone, among others.

What does chiropractic treatment include?

Chiropractors largely focus on spinal management. They have also included more elements under functional medicine. These include nutritional counseling, acupuncture, and lifestyle changes. Chiropractors use this combined approach for treating complex yet common illnesses, such as MyalgicEncephalomyelitis and Fibrositis. Anyone who suffers from a physical problem or injury of their joints, ligaments, muscles, or nerves can get benefit from receiving chiropractic care.

The primary method of treatment is chiropractic adjustment. It is performed by employing a short rapid push into a dysfunction joint usually found in the spine. This mechanism results in restoring the proper joint function. It is typically performed by hand or by a piece of equipment such as an activator. If you are facing any joint or physical pain, then visit Active Edge Chiropractic and Functional Medicine for a complete cure.

Advantages you can enjoy

Chiropractic care has numerous advantages. It can provide relief for back pain and stiffness, decrease headaches, reduce back tightness, relieve neck pain and stiffness, improve posture, and lessen sciatica. It has also proved to be an effective treatment for sports injuries and neck injuries such as Whiplash. Moreover, chiropractic adjustment reduces muscle toxins that cause pain, improves circulation, increases oxygen and nutrient supply to the cells, reduces muscle spasm and prevents any future injury, keeping your body in a fit position. Chiropractic care is an effective form of treatment for many health conditions, especially the ones relating to the dysfunction of the backbone. American Chiropractic Association estimates that chiropractors treat more than 35 million Americans annually. Also, a lot of consumer reports have ranked chiropractic over medical and physical therapy for being most effective for the treatment of back pain and many other disorders.

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