4 Reasons Why Businesses Need Inbound Calls

By and large, businesses want to stay focused on core competencies so that profit levels can be increased. Therefore, they consider incoming customer calls as a part of the distraction. This could be the primary explanation to why most of the business owners join hands with presumed inbound call center service providers.

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It’s true that handling incoming calls isn’t easy, but that doesn’t mean business owners should stop caring about inbound calls. Surprisingly, inbound calls can help you to ameliorate sales growth.

Today, we will shed light on the top 4 reasons why businesses need inbound calls, so don’t be distracted while reading:

1.    Aids in generating more sales

Usually, business owners think that incoming customer calls mainly concern about support, thus, they outsource inbound call center operations without thinking much. Here, they miss the trick because customers also call companies regarding buying products in which they have an interest. Simply put, inbound calls can help to secure high revenue levels.

If industry reports are anything to go by, 62% of people calling a company have already researched about products and are at the purchase stage.

Before you ask why potential customers don’t go to any other channel, we would like to mention that the voice channel is blessed with the human factor which assures and encourages prospects to make the purchase decision quickly.

2.    Increases lead conversion rates         

For businesses, leads are everything because the more leads you have in the sales funnel, the more chances you have to boost the success rate. Bringing quality leads into the sales pipeline is the half part of the job, as you have to convert them for the rest half.

However, the thing is securing high lead conversion rates is extremely tough because potential customers think a lot before making any decision. Here, letting any customer call go unanswered could result in terms of loss.

If industry reports doing rounds are to be believed, incoming calls result in more leads. It is also confirmed by 61% of businesses. Precisely, the percentage of call conversion rate lies around 30% to 50%.

Maximum prospects search online about products and services thru their mobile devices. Considering 4.7 billion mobile users in the world, it shouldn’t be difficult to understand that some incoming calls could come from prospects who have already got past the researching part and want to buy products instantly.

3.    Builds a positive brand image   

Despite the success of the live chat support medium, people still give the first preference to the voice channel when it comes to buying. According to the latest reports, 54% of buyers prefer to involve in human interaction before making a purchase because they just want to be convinced and assured that they know the product in and out. Potential customers always want the brand representative to put them at ease in the case of making an expensive purchase.                    

If you aim for making every customer interaction fabulous while running an in-house inbound call center. And you don’t have to do anything extraordinary as sticking to the basics such as responding positively,  paying attention to customers ‘ words, etc. is enough to secure amazing service experience.

It goes without saying, better experiences always result in positive word-of-mouth, which as a repercussion, leads to strengthened brand image.  

Note: you can increase the sales growth, even when the call is regarding support service as all that needs to be done is, ‘Using upselling and cross-selling technique perfectly.’

4.    Helps to comprehend the customer journey

Being a business owner, you should understand every part of the customer journey because if you don’t find what irks customers during the interaction with your brand, there is a possibility you start losing them in the later stages.

To comprehend the customer journey, you should give proper attention to incoming phone calls. This is so because while having a word with customers, you can identify their pain points. As a positive consequence, you can take crucial steps that will help you to secure high CLV (customer lifetime value).

Every bit of data can do wonders for your business. Both Paychex and Hotel Grand Lucayan are a vivid example of this. According to reports, Paychex has significantly reduced its customer acquisition cost by using the data gathered from inbound calls in marketing campaigns.

Tools like call intelligence help marketers to understand the buying behavior of customers, pain points, and so forth with aplomb, which not only helps in improving business growth but also paves the way for customer base expansion.

Now, you can understand why businesses need inbound calls. In case you think inbound calls causes more trouble than benefits, let us know in the comment section. Till then, it’s goodbye! Thanks for reading!

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