4 Ways to Help Your Indoor Pet Live Their Best Life

Having an indoor pet is a rewarding experience. When your dog or cat spends all of their time inside your home, they naturally become a close member of the family. To make sure your furry family member is content and healthy, there are several important things every good pet owner must do.

4 Ways to Help Your Indoor Pet Live Their Best Life

  1. Provide Beneficial Nutrition

Just like humans, pets need healthy, satisfying nutrition every single day. To ensure your pet is getting adequate nutrients, consider your pet’s specific needs including their age, size and any specific health conditions they may have. As with the food people eat, high-quality cat and dog food can be on the expensive side. Fortunately, with a simple online search, you can easily find ultimate pet nutrition coupons and take advantage of great savings for everything your adoring pet needs. If you have doubts about your pet’s specific daily nutrition requirements, talk to your vet so they can point you in the right direction.

  1. Give Them Positive Attention

Animals feel many emotions; they can get bored and even depressed. They need and deserve attention so that they can be stimulated and happy. If you have only one pet, you and the other people in the household are your pet’s social group and they need you to communicate and spend time with them so that they don’t feel lonely. The more time you invest in your pet, the more you will appreciate and understand each other. Pay attention to your pet’s behaviors and cues, and respect them. If your dog constantly brings you a toy or a leash, whines, or sits expectantly by the door, they are trying to tell you to play or take them outside. If your cat meows at you and runs a bit then stops to look back at you, they are telling you they need or want something only you can give them. By paying attention to your pet’s needs, you will be a better owner and they will feel more bonded to you which will give them a higher quality of life.

  1. Help Your Pet Stay Active

Hand and hand with quality time and attention, pets need exercise to stay healthy, especially if they are not allowed to go outside on their own. For dogs, you must find ways to let them walk and run. If you have no yard available, take them on regular walks and try to take them to a dog park at least once a week. If you have cats, simply play with them for short periods each day. Some cats enjoy playing with cat toys, others enjoy playing chase with their humans or simply pouncing on your feet when they move under a blanket at bedtime. Try different things until you figure out what your cat responds best to.

If you have enough space, consider getting a second pet that can be a companion. Many cats, dogs and other animals tend to enjoy having another one of their kind around. Once they get over any initial shyness and defensiveness, they will help each other stay active since pets naturally play together.

  1. Respect Their Space

Though pets do tend to enjoy cuddling and spending quality time with their humans, it is important that they also have their own safe space in case they need a break. Make sure to set up their food, water and bed in areas that will stay quiet and calm so that your pet can feel secure. Some dogs appreciate having a house or den they can retreat to if they are ever stressed or tired, while cats enjoy having a nice hiding place behind a couch or under a bed. When your pets retreat, do not force them out. Forcing an animal to be with you can cause them to lash out or lose trust in you. Just as with a child or adult, you must respect your pets and allow them to have some freedom if you want them to be happy.

By giving your beloved pet everything they need to stay healthy, you will build a special, lasting bond that will help you both feel content and live happier lives!

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