5 Tech Accessories That Can Actually Improve Your Health

5 Tech Accessories That Can Actually Improve Your Health

There are lots of bad and gimmicky fitness tech items out there. They say they’re going to help you lose weight, but they end up just being yet another piece of equipment you stop using after a couple of months and it ends up gathering dust in your closet.

 Best Health tech gadgets

At the end of the day, your health journey is up to you and only you—no amount of tech will help you improve if you don’t put in the effort. But there are some accessories out there that can actually help you move the needle and form healthy habits you can follow long term. Here are five pieces of health tech that are actually worth the investment.

Best Health tech gadgets

Fitness Watches

Some people think they’re annoying, but most people who are actually devoted to improving their health swear by fitness trackers and watches. These small pieces of tech can motivate you to stick to your fitness goals and track your progress in addition to telling the time. 

Trackers have improved drastically over the last few years. These trackers don’t just count your steps—they can track your calories, monitor heart rate, track your sleep patterns, and even monitor your oxygen levels. But just like any piece of exercise equipment, you need to commit to it. Finding trends to help you improve your health only works if the tracker gets consistent data.

Stretching Apps

Sitting in a chair and staring at a computer screen for 8+ hours every day isn’t something our bodies are made for. They’re made to move. It’s no wonder that humans everywhere are struggling with back, neck, and shoulder pain. Eight out of ten people will struggle with back pain during their lifetime. And while specialists, massage therapists, and chiropractors can help alleviate that pain, sometimes you need some extra help on the days when you can’t head to the office.

Stretching apps are an easy way to get out those tight muscles and help loosen your body if you don’t have the time or money to regularly go to a specialist. Adding a good stretch to the beginning or end of your day can also help reduce muscle soreness, improve flexibility, and help you avoid future injuries. There are lots of apps out there that provide a wide range of features, but most will have videos or descriptions to help guide you through safe and effective stretching routines. 

Smart Scales

Normally, scales can do more harm than good on people’s fitness journeys. It’s easy to fixate on the number on the scale instead of more important metrics that tell more about your overall health. But scales have gotten an upgrade and provide more holistic health information than just your weight. 

Smart scales can not just measure and record weight, but they can also track information like BMI, body fat percentage, muscle mass, and lean body mass. These are important metrics to keep in mind when tracking physical health, but should also be combined with other (possibly more important) information like your mental health and emotional wellbeing. Smart scales aren’t the end-all-be-all fitness tech, but it’s still a helpful piece of equipment for those who want a complete look at their health. 

Smart Water Bottle

Most people don’t drink enough water. For people who want to be more diligent in their water consumption, smart water bottles are a great upgrade from your Hydro Flask. Smart water bottles can do much more than just hold your water; they can remind you to drink throughout the day, track your water consumption, connect to your Fitbit or Apple Health, and chart your goals. It may seem like overkill for people who are always hydrated but can be a helpful piece of equipment for busy people. 

Smart Rings

This piece of fitness tech is probably the newest equipment on the health scene. Smart rings are rings that have sensors built into them that can track different metrics like your sleep patterns and heart and pulse rate. Since smart rings are still relatively new on the market, they won’t have the same amount of functionality as smartwatches and other health trackers. But if you’re looking for a sleek and subtle piece of equipment that can give you some core fitness data, smart rings may be a great addition to your jewelry box.

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