Are Rooftop Solar Panels a Smart Investment?

As the world’s population is growing, so are the needs and the demands of the people, affecting the reserves of renewable energy resources. It is when non-renewable resources like the sun come into the picture. The sun provides more to our world than just light during the day— it has abundant energy which can be channeled to power our houses and other facilities. Solar power is a crucial source of power for all our energy supplies, and ample solar rays reach the planet’s surface every hour to meet our energy needs.

Rooftop Solar Panels

Solar solutions like solar panels can be used to capture solar energy and transform it into DC (Direct Current). Solar energy accounts for a limited portion of total global energy consumption. Since the cost of installing solar panels is decreasing, more and more people are moving to solar solutions.

There are two types of best rooftop solar panels for home—Mono crystalline PERC panels and Polycrystalline solar panels.

  • Mono PERC Solar Panels:

Mono PERC solar panels are manufactured using single silicon crystals. They are 2.5 percent more effective than Polycrystalline panels and comes with an additional back layer behind solar cells which is used for capturing reflected sunlight leading to an increase in power generation. These solar panels take up little space and can be mounted on even small rooftops. The price per watt ranges on an average from Rs 25 to Rs 30. It works well in low light conditions and high-temperature atmospheres.

  • Polycrystalline Solar Panels:

They are made up of several crystals fragmented together. Along with PID (Potential-Induced Degradation) resistance technology, these solar panels offer a high protection level from power outages. These solar panels are an outstanding choice for those looking for a low-cost solar system with excellent low-light performance and an anti-reflective coating. These cells are less costly to manufacture and more suited to the Indian climate. The price per watt ranges on an average from Rs 20 to Rs 40. These plates have a five-year warranty and are available in 12 Volt or 24 Volt, depending on your needs.

Now, to answer the question, here are the reasons that make solar panels a wise investment.

  1. Ecological Benefits

Investing in solar panels saves money on energy bills and is environmentally friendly too. As a result, by switching to green alternatives like solar panels, you can contribute to a sustainable world by reducing your carbon footprint. With fewer air pollutants resulting in cleaner air, there would be less reliance on fossil fuels. Solar panels are the best choice for making the world green and safe since they depend on the sun, which is a renewable resource of energy that is readily accessible at no cost.

  1.  Economic Benefits

Us Indians believe in saving money for the future. As a result, we still strive to invest in conventional approaches such as bonds, stocks, SIPs, and other long-term investments. Investing in solar systems is one such means of modern investment. For the future.

Through solar panels, you will be able to produce free electricity for more than 25 years.

And if you don’t generate 100% of the electricity you need, solar panels will lower your electric costs and save you a significant amount of money. You can contact reputed brands like Luminous, whose experts will help you reap the full financial benefits of installing a solar panel.

  1. Energy Backup Security

Changes in climate and weather are becoming more common due to global warming, resulting in temperature rises, water shortages, and increased fire threats. It leads to a power shortage, and your everyday work could be affected by it. However, some solar panel systems come with a battery backup system to help you save time and money during such situations.

Off-grid solar panels have an enormous potential for electricity security. Still, they are expensive, whereas grid-tied solar panels do not have a battery backup system but are more affordable.

Solar panels are an outstanding way to reduce your energy bill while still protecting your home from the power outages plaguing our communities. The idea that you’ll contribute to make our planet a green place is a cherry on top. Be sure you know what you’re searching for according to your power requirements to find the right solar panel. Shop from trustworthy brands like Luminous, which sell affordable solar panels, making it the ideal choice for your home.

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