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Office Painting Ideas – Being a workaholic comes with great pressure and responsibility. A workaholic requires an atmosphere that is covered with peace-filled walls. Now, imagine a room full of workaholics. Yes, you are right to enlighten the spirit of workaholics, the office should be painted with peaceful colors. Peaceful and calm colors always help soothe depressed and pressurized moods. Some of the colors that usually work great on office walls are Off-white, Teal, Pastel-Yellow, Blue-Grey, Green, Purple Orange, Light Blue, Grey, etc. 

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If you want to repaint your office walls with the help of Commercial Painters Perth, then take a look at how these colors will set the mood in your office.

Selection of Colors that Set Different Office Moods:

  • Off-white

Off-white is another shade of white color. The color seems a little calmer than the regular white. Its appearance is a combination of white with a touch of yellow color. To make your office appear more spacious and open to employees, Off-white is the best color. The white color also represents sanity- when we imagine white walls it resembles simplicity and peaceful ambiance. Even when used in speech- the term ”White” is not a loud word and does not imply any harm. 

  • Teal

Teal color represents restfulness and maintains mental and spiritual balance. This calm shade represents dignity and does not just lie in your face. Brighter teal set the mood unique and smart. Overall this shade encourages reflective mood and calmness. In contrast, teal color is a combination of green and blue color shade and somewhat attain the mood abilities of both the colors.

  • Pastel-Yellow

Whereas, yellow color somewhat sets the mood to spontaneity and eventually makes you feel good. It is considered the most energetic color of all time. In personification, the color represents laughter, hope, shine. Apart from being a cheerful color, this color can be less tempting as bright colors strain the eyes more, therefore, create pain in the brain. Due to its bright effect, this color is also used as warning signs on-road and somewhat represents a negative connotation.

  • Green

The green color is used in healthcare facilities and financial companies. A tone higher and lower can set a different mood if applying on office walls. Remember, bright green will eventually be hit by light at some point if the office has more windows. This color might be inappropriate as it will give a blinding effect to the office.

  • Purple 

The color purple has many shades. Although, every shade represents a different mood. If you are looking for a purple color for a salon office, then Iris Pink would be a better shade to paint your walls with. Well, if you want the office to represent feminism, then shade Hopeful and Sweet taffy by Behr Zephyr might be the right choice for you.

  • Orange

Painting all the walls orange might be too much for your employees. To balance the work-life and productivity, try painting a just single wall to add a touch of enlightenment and to complement the furniture aesthetically. 

  • Blue

The blue color symbolizes calmness and serenity. It is often recalled as a color of peace, tranquility, security, and in order. Blue color often resembles sincerity and reliability. Most businesses use blue color to project brand security in their promoting campaigns.

  • Gray 

The color gray adds an unemotional, conservative, neutral effect to your walls. Besides, it is a mixture of colors white and black. Which eventually makes the color grey peaceful because of its calm appearance. Moreover, the gray color will be great if you are a peace-loving office head. Gray color soothes the mind and does not symbolize arrogance of any kind.

To schedule your commercial painting appointment, contact today with Painters in Perth for more customized office ambiance and to encourage productivity in workaholics. For best results, go through the above mentioned color shades that are professionally recommended as best for commercial offices.

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