Energy for Tech: 5 Renewable Energy Options You’ve Never Heard Before

Today, the record of energy prices are massively high, and the need for non-traditional and renewable energy sources has increased dramatically. With that, people are gradually turning to renewable energy sources because they are considered environmentally friendly and harness natural processes.

The most common source of energy is solar panels. But did you know that home renewable energy offers more than that? Here are five alternative energy sources that people may have never heard of which is also an excellent option for generating electricity.

Installing Residential Wind Power

Nowadays, small wind energy is becoming more common as an excellent source of electricity. Small wind energy is a significant choice because they are clean, powerful, and affordable way to power your house.

In recent years, small residential wind turbines have become an additional option due to various incentives offered. Installing a residential wind power also differs on your location and what type of wind system installed. With that in mind, choosing the home wind electricity system is an excellent investment when it comes to practicality and cost.

Using Geothermal Energy

Geothermal energy is believed as one of the preferable sources of energy. Not just because it is a renewable type of power, geothermal energy is present in most areas, beating some popular and standard sources.

Geothermal energy is good for the environment since it is being extracted from the earth which geothermal fields produce no emissions. Aside from that, geothermal energy is beneficial in achieving savings up to 80% than conventional sources.

Geothermal energy is not dependent on wind or sun compared to renewable sources like solar panels and biomass. By that, geothermal energy is an exceptionally constant source of energy, and the life span of a geothermal heat pumps last for at least 20 years.

Solar Shingles for Your Roof

For some years, solar power has become progressively popular because of its reliability and renewable energy. With that, innovations like solar roof tiles made solar power even more accessible. Read more about SolarShare

Such example is solar shingles. Solar shingles have been around for years, and they are roof tiles that contain solar cells which combine the benefit of solar-generated electricity. A solar shingle can generate up to 30-50% of your households electrical needs and are less noticeable in terms of its wiring.

Also, solar power shingles have a lifespan of about 30-40 years and are extremely tough because a layer of quartz crystal glass protects them. When replacing a damaged and old roof, the most cost-effective to place or install is solar shingles.


Moving water contains considerable energy which can be able to use in a micro-hydro power system. A small scale micro-hydro power plant generates electricity by using the energy potential of water. Most of the time, a micro-hydro power plant is a reliable and efficient form of energy, and it converts the energy of flowing water into electrical energy.

For a micro-hydro power system to work, it needs a pump, turbine, and waterwheel to convert the energy of the flowing water into circling energy then turned into electricity. By this, you can assure that it is a clean fuel source and it doesn’t pollute the air.

Wind Hybrid Power Systems

People have harvested energy from the wind, and if you are interested in wind energy system at your home, hybrid wind and solar energy system are the best choices. Hybrid wind or solar power generators are getting quite popular these days, and they feature both wind turbines and solar panels to generate power.

Installing a wind or solar hybrid system is a significant advantage because when wind and solar power production are being used together, the reliability of the system is enhanced. The battery storage size can also be minimized as there is less reliance on one method of power production.

Additionally, this wind solar hybrid system is an essential way of saving your energy and electricity costs. If you are worried about energy costs, the likes of Astral Energy LLC and other reliable energy providers can help you in giving innovative solutions about it.


Renewable energy sources like Residential Wind Power, Geothermal, Solar Shingles, Microhydro power, and Hybrid alleviate many of the problems caused by fossil fuel use. Using these kinds of renewable energy options may be able to have a positive effect on issues like pollution and climate change.

Indeed, using renewable energy sources to your home is the most efficient and practical as alternatives to damaging carbon-intensive fuels.

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