5 Dental Care Tips for Kids

Dental Care Tips for Kids – Taking care of your little ones’ teeth is absolutely essential, as we all well know, they’re not all that good at doing it on their own. So, in order to keep those teeth strong and gnashing, there are a few tips to follow meticulously until your kids are wise enough to take the reins and do it on their own!

5 Dental Care Tips for Kids

Here are five top tips to ensure that your children’s teeth are healthy, happy and sparkling…

Start them off with fluoride toothpaste

Old school rules state that fluoride toothpaste is not suitable for young children because it’s not safe for swallowing, but now that’s been revised, and it is actually recommended that you start using fluoride toothpaste from the very first baby tooth. Fluoride toothpaste can help to prevent cavities and tooth decay from developing in little mouths. Unfortunately, this is really common in younger kids and the numbers are only growing so it’s incredibly important to protect them from the start.

Regular trips to the dentist

Consistent dental care isn’t only for adults! You should absolutely be taking your kids along with you when you head over for your usual 6-month check-up – if you don’t go for regular checks and cleans, then you absolutely need to start! Your dentist will be far more informed on what’s normal and healthy when it comes to children’s teeth. You’ll also catch any issues, cavities or irregularities early on, which could save you a lot of money and stress down the line. Plus, if you’re on top of your own dental care as well as your kids’ all at the same time, that means you can all have your check-ups on the same day. Multitasking is every parent’s dream!

Clean after meals with the right toothbrush

If you really want to ensure that your children’s teeth are in the very best condition possible, you should be brushing their teeth after every major meal and any sugary snacks. Baby teeth should be cared for precisely, so making sure they’re sparkling clean throughout the day is a must. You’ll also have to check your brushing technique. Use a soft, natural bristle toothbrush for optimum dental care. This is nice and gentle on your little ones’ gums and won’t deposit any nasty materials into your children’s mouths if anything were to come loose. Replace their brushes every three to six months.

Check your brushing form

Whether you’re brushing your kids’ teeth yourself or you’re teaching them how it’s important to use the correct brushing method. Avoid rigorous back and forth scrubbing and instead use gentle, circular motions. This brushes away plaque in a more effective way and it won’t injure or strip back your children’s gums. You should also be adopting this method for your own smile if you don’t use it already!

Reinforce the daily flossing rule for everyone

Flossing is so important for maintaining a healthy, clean smile and happy gums – so why do so many of us skip it? It is essential that you enforce good, healthy habits for your family early on in the game, and flossing is a huge part of that. Teach your kids how to floss and if they are finding it difficult, do it for them. As stated above, gum disease is such a massive risk for younger kids, and flossing can really help to prevent it. Make sure you’re flossing yourself, too, your teeth with thank you for it!

Follow these five tips to keep you and your kids’ teeth in tip-top condition for the long term!

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