A Guide To Construction Equipment Rental Management

Automating your heavy equipment rental business is never too late! There are a number of benefits that come along the way to prosper your business. If you rent heavy equipment, a simple touch of technology can help you get to the next level. Manage rentals, sales, and service, and make data-driven decisions for your business. A choice of solutions means you can get the best fit for all your needs with cloud-based scheduling and management software.

A Guide To Construction Equipment Rental Management

Dump all your old school methods of maintaining the data regarding the equipment, repair, and rental that often floods your desk with TONS of paperwork. Switch to a clutter-free workplace and make your management as light as the breeze. Cut down your workload and make things fall in place while immensely saving your time and money.

Let us look into the added benefits of using equipment rental management software

Provide a 21st-century customer experience

Give customers 24/7 access to the current status of their delivery via a link to the customer portal. Send delivery updates to customers via email or text message. The only way your customer feels happy apart from the material you provide- is the ease in contacting you whenever they need you the most. The online bookings area open even when you’re closed showing your availability all day long. Your tech-savvy customers would love to go for the easy online bookings instead of making tedious calls or back and forth emails.

Connect your drivers, operations, and customers

Easily optimize routes to reduce miles, trucks, and cost. Adhere to time window restrictions and equipment restrictions. Track the drivers in real-time and provide turn-by-turn directions to drivers.

Manage end to end rental process

All your data is in one place from the quote all the way through invoicing, maintenance, and fixed assets. Accounts receivable accounts payable, and the general ledger is all unified at one platform. You can view them any time, any day with easy access through mobile or laptop or desktop that is connected with a reliable internet source.

Set pricing and billing

Set rates including book rates, customer-specific rates, and price agreements. Choose various billing methods including 28-day, bi-weekly, and exact day, or define your own custom billing method for unique situations. Set unlimited services that you provide on a single page and also set the pricing for it!

Get customers in & out quickly

Owning an equipment rental business comes with a mix of rental data, sales, and service transactions. To quickly set up with the customers you need to be accurate and quick enough…with the smart equipment rental software, write quotes, reservations, and contracts. Also, view inventory availability and rates. Manage re-rentals with the recurring option available in the service portal.

Keep equipment running optimally

On the customized dashboard provided by the equipment rental management software, see what inventory is due for service and create scheduled maintenance steps for mechanics based on machine hours or calendar or rental days. View the inquiry screen or run reports on equipment due for service and last due for service. Quickly check out the deadlines or dues without any mess.

Get a full picture of your business

Make timely decisions with a powerful reporting suite that covers every aspect of your rental business. Choose from standard reports that feature a range of daily and monthly views, or create custom reports to know where your business stands. Make changes or improvements and stay on top of everything.

Generate work orders

Easily create work orders. Capture and report on what service was performed and when, as well as the cost of labor and parts.

Extend the life of the equipment

Your equipment is the bread and butter for your business and one reckless mistake with it could let your business burn to the ground. Stay ahead of all preventative maintenance. Monitor individual pieces of equipment against maintenance schedules and report on items that are due. Save your equipment, save your business.

Picktime, online scheduling software for equipment rental business is a free added benefit for your rental, sales, and service business. It is specially designed to manage even the most complex demands of your rental business. Sign up for free and watch your business grow into leaps and bounds.

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