5 Things To Include In Your Mental Health Maintenance Routine

Mental health should not be seen as a reaction – it is an ongoing process that requires you to work every day. Just like a workout program or a diet, your mental health needs a routine. Here are 5 ways you can implement your program.

Mental Health Maintenance Routine


Anyone who suffers from depression has been instructed by someone to try yoga. Most of the time this suggestion only causes a spark of annoyance, as it does not feel like practicing even light yoga in the midst of a depressive episode. The thing is, yoga can be really helpful as part of your normal routine! Yoga as a physical activity is not only a great exercise, you can also do light yoga at home when you are not out of the house, or you can go into a gym and make power yoga a more challenging one


Bradford Health Services has created an acronym for the things you need to look for to take stock of your feelings. By regularly learning about your physical and emotional state, you can spot potential problems early and nip them before they become complete problems. Halt stands for Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired. Have you had a healthy meal or done something that felt satisfying today? Are you frustrated and overstimulated? Have you spent time with your loved ones lately? Did you sleep well or did you deviate from a particularly strenuous task for some time? These are all things that you should ask yourself when you stop and take stock of your well-being

Plan accordingly

Nothing inspires stress like surprise appointments or an overwhelming to-do list. Plan your week the way you want it to, but leave some leeway in case you have a day off! If you feel good one day, try to do more and get things done prematurely. If you feel bad, just do the important thing and do whatever you can to take care of yourself. Do not expect to feel terrible or have a few days off, but leave some room if you can not handle certain tasks. This helps you keep track of things and prevent your to-do list from becoming obsolete.

Stay up to date with your appointments

Keep up with your therapist or psychiatrist, even if you feel good. It’s so tempting not to schedule appointments when you feel you do not need them. If you feel ok, it’s okay to take them back. Keeping your appointments can help you feel better for longer, and if you slip, your team of professionals may be able to spot this before you can, and you can prevent it from evolving. Not just any a fast company

Treat yourself

Treat yourself to a day at the spa at home, a sugary snack or a Netflix binge when you need it. Living life in general, not to mention living with mental illness, is exhausting and you deserve a reward. Try it out and do something that is fun to recharge so you can keep going.

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