A Comparative Study to Understand the Difference Between Hard and Eco Firewood

The winter season comes with festivals, snow, and chilling cold. For enjoying this climatic condition, you need to make perfect arrangments of seasoned firewood, comforters, and room heating system. When it comes to choosing the best source to stay warm, most of us prefer firewood because of its flame that attracts everyone to sit around. Currently, hard firewood is in huge demand because of its excellent flame producing consistency. However, a new option of Eco firewood is also gaining the attention of customers.

Hard and Eco Firewood

Many firewood delivery merchants are currently offering this variant. Still, there is a lack of awareness because it is newly introduced. In this article, we will understand the significant difference between natural and eco firewood in detail. 

What is natural hard firewood?

Hard firewood is mostly sourced from deciduous trees such as oak, redwood, juniper, and alder. It is a perfect material for heating as well as manufacturing durable furniture. The trees of hardwood produce dense wood with tightly packed molecules. Here is a list of some features signifying that it is a hardwood:- 

  1. The weight of hardwood is much heavier than softwood because of its density. Therefore, it is also very hard to break with hands. 
  2. A log of hard firewood produces fire with a high calorific value. Also, it produces a very low amount of smoke. You can use it for both indoor and outdoor burning purposes. 
  3. After catching fire, it burns with great consistency for a long time. Even after exhausting completely, its coal can be utilized for kindling. We need it the most during camping where good quality firewood is among the primary requirements. 
  4. Most of the hard firewood variants are dark whereas soft firewoods are light in color. 
  5. It is the most expensive option available at any firewood store. Not all soft firewoods are inferior but there is a common perception that “if it is hard, it must be good”. 

Hard firewood is no doubt an ideal fuel for burning but you also must be aware of its scarcity. Trees are depleting at an alarming rate which is enforcing us to search for eco hardwood options. Therefore, eco-firewood variants are now coming to existence. Scroll down to understand it in detail. 

What is eco-hardwood?

The eco-hardwood is an eco-friendly option that you can use as a replacement for hard firewood. Unlike hard and softwood, it is not directly sourced from trees. It takes only biological residue to manufacture eco-friendly firewood. Waste material like rice straws, sawdust, and wheat straws generally decomposes in the soil or farmers burn them in the fields. Rather than wasting this material, you can utilize for the manufacturing of eco-firewood with compression machines. Here are some features of eco-firewood that you must know. 

  1. Rather than the regular logs of natural wood in an irregular shape, they come in the shapes of bricks, pellets and large cylindrical logs. 
  2. During the compression, this waste material releases all moisture. Thus; you can easily use it for burning without the issue of seasoning. 
  3. The small pellets are suitable for kindling whereas large logs and bricks are useful to enjoy for a long time. 
  4.  When you buy firewood from the eco logs section, they are arranged in an organized manner occupying very less space as compared to the natural firewood.
  5. An eco-firewood log of good quality comprises all features of hard firewood. It burns with great consistency while producing high flame and less smoke. 

From reading the above points, you will come to know that eco firewood logs for sale are the future of this industry. We cannot afford the loss of forests just to stay warm if there are better alternatives. 

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