5 Timeless Arabic Jewelry Store that are Worth Admiring

Middle Eastern heritage is best known for its rich culture, and its jewelry collection is one of the oldest in the world. The jewelry pieces speak for the Arabic culture, and the exquisite timeless designs are worn every day and are cautiously passed through generations. Arabic Jewellery store designs the best pieces for the people who have taste in Arabic designs and adores their culture. The jewelry represents not only the culture but the aspirations and rich diversification.

Arabic Jewelry

Let’s explore five timeless picks from Arabic Jewelry stores:

  1. Hamda Abdulla Fine Jewelry

The Dubai-based brand was created by one of the prestigious Emirati designers who is said to have attracted the attention of the Arabic jewelry lovers to their store. She has launched her store recently, and her famous creations are floating rings, lotus-shaped bracelets, etc. Jewelry created by her is delicate and bold, and her jewelry line is quite thoughtful and intriguing, proving the promise for being a new exciting designer in the future.

  1. Nano Jewelry

Nano jewelry’s collection consists of trendiest, unique, and luxurious jewelry collections. It is best known for jewelry with a special emphasis on Arabic culture, they created jewelry pieces worth wearing on festivities. The collections are inspired from reference to poem, motif, or literature piece stating Arabic manuscripts. If you are into silver and gold metals, the exquisite collections adorned with semi-precious and precious stones are worth shopping. You can shop from the Nano Jewelry gift Arabic collection that are supper charming and gorgeous.

  1. Shamsa Alabbar

Obtaining one of the art degrees in visual communications, she has created renowned jewelry labels. She gives a visual approach to the Arabic typography for reinterpreting the traditional Arabic creations into geometric shapes taking care of the typeface’s varied rules. The jewelry line consists of minimal and clean rings, earrings, pendants, and bracelets in fine finishing for being traced with diamond. 

  1. Nuun Jewels

One of the inspiring and pioneering Saudi Arabian Jewelry designers, HH Nourah Al Faisal, has established a one-stop Arabian jewelry store known as Nuun Jewels. The store has a much-A-listed clientele and owns one of the boutiques in shopping avenues in Paris. The Nuun jewels mark its substantial presence in Arabian fine jewelry collections and produce pre-eminent good designs for Arabian jewelry lovers.

  1. Galle Khouri

The Lebanese designer is best known for producing stunning and elaborate designs. Her collection is based on philosophical thoughts; the jewelry has a vital symbolic significance that goes way beyond the surface appearance. Her collection known as “The Next Perspective” is best known for the interlocking loop pieces, and people love to wear them on festive occasions or in their daily routine.

Jewelry stores are one of the exquisite places to shop for traditional jewelry. Some of them are available online, while others have their presence in Arab countries. Whenever you visit the Arabic countries, visit these shops to shop the fantastic timepieces for yourself and your loved ones. We have tried to list the famous designers of Arabian jewelry and check their online stores if available.

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