5 ways you can prioritize exercise and never miss a single day

Every year, in January, we make our new year’s resolutions. Each year, exercising and keeping ourselves fit is at the highest priority. Every time you visit your doctor, you get a half an hour lecture on the importance of regular exercise and how you are not doing what you are supposed to be doing. Don’t worry. Even after everything, you still haven’t done a single day’s exercise. You are having trouble with a single flight of steps and you find yourself buying bigger clothes every year. Don’t worry. We’ve all been there. The good news is that you still have time. You can still make some serious changes to your lifestyle and your commitment to physical activity.


It doesn’t matter if you had an accident or you’ve been just lazy with your daily routine. There are ways to pick yourself up again. None of us were born with a zest for exercise. We’ve all had bad days and worse days. You especially have these days if you’ve been in a car or a motorcycle accident injury, weightlifting injury, or any other kind of accident. All you have to do is to plan out a regimen and stick to it. Do your best to let go of that extra half hour of sleep in the morning and start walking or jogging in the Sun.

Here we have compiled some ways that will make it easier for you to prioritize your exercise routine over everything else.


Working out is tough. There is hardly a morning when you wake up, ready to hit the gym or the exercise mat in your room. Hitting the snooze button is easier and more joyous than getting up in the dark and going for a jog.

The best way to beat the demotivation and get yourself working is to enlist one of your friends. Now, that may not be as easy as it sounds, but it’s not impossible. You will find someone who you like and who likes you back. There’s a higher chance of you showing up at the gym at 6:00 AM in the morning if you had someone waiting there for you. Or maybe, you could go together. You can pick them up or they can pick you up. Whatever works for you.

Try looking for someone who has the same daily routine as you. It will be easier for both of you to follow a three to four-day workout routine. It could be someone from your neighborhood or someone from your office.


You don’t have to go for the exercise that is trending these days. Trends come and go. Maybe now, everyone is talking about HIIT but in a couple of months, they could be after something else, something newer. Don’t follow the trend. Find out what you like and stick to it. It could be cycling, walking, jogging, swimming, or anything else for that matter.


Don’t expect to go from no days a week to four days a week of high-frequency exercise. It’s not going to work. Not for long, that is. It might also cause injuries and you might have to spend a lot of time in recovery. That time could be spent working out and gradually increasing your time as you go along.

In the beginning, you can start with a 20-minute walk. Do this thrice a week for a couple of weeks and then increase your time and days. Once you’ve become accustomed to it, you can add other types of exercise to it.


At the start of the regimen, you will encounter a lot of excuses to not go to the gym. Whether it’s your birthday or a hectic day at the office, make sure that you meet your daily exercise goal . Even if you can’t complete the entire session, just ensure that you are there. Instead, reward yourself for every day that you could have made an excuse but didn’t. A change in lifestyle needs commitment. Excuses early on in the process can derail you as nothing else can.


The best thing for you is to take care of your exercise early in the morning. Get a head start for your day and finish your exercise before you can think of an excuse. You can even take your work clothes with you to the gym and change after your workout is done.


Whether you are recovering from an injury, or just want to make a positive change in your lifestyle. You need to ensure that you are really committed to it. These five tips will help you on your way. There will be ups and downs, so remember to dust yourself off, and get back in the game.

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