How Computer Science Engineering Transformed with Emerging Technologies

Computer science engineering has, without an iota of doubt, completely redefined with the inclusion of emerging technologies. It has been the most demanded stream of engineering among the students who seek admission into B.Tech. Now, the craze for B.Tech in CSE is on ever high and the reason is the technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Internet of Things (IoT), etc.

Computer Science Engineering

CSE is the only branch where you get the opportunity to gain detailed knowledge about these technologies, thereby students showing more interest in this specialization of engineering. If you are not aware of the trending technologies then it is worth to run your eyeballs below in this post where the short intro of these technologies is provided.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is all about the simulation of human intelligence by computer systems and other devices. Nowadays, this technology has been quite popular across diverse industries. In fact we have real-life examples around, proving the dominance and importance of artificial intelligence. Humanoid robots are possible just because of the rise of this technology. Unmanned vehicles for transportation are also perfect examples of AI. This technology has reduced the human efforts to a large extent and it automates the processes.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is referred to as a sub-set of artificial intelligence and it is based on predictive analysis. Employing machine learning methods help the organizations calculate and predict the risk. It makes the process of risk analysis & mitigation much more seamless. The weather department is a perfect example to describe the significance of ML. Now, the weather department gets the more accurate alerts of natural calamities because of machine learning and hence, they circulate the information among masses to reduce the harm due to such calamities.

Internet of Things (IoT)

You locked your house, took a cab, and now are approaching towards your office. All of a sudden, it strikes your mind that you forgot to turn off your AC. You will make a U-Turn, go back to home and then switch it off. This is a thing of past. Now, you can talk to your machines even if you are away from them. It’s all because of IoT. The market is flooded with the lights, ACs, geysers, fans, etc. that are IoT-enabled and you just need your mobile phone to operate them. Isn’t it awesome! It’s no less than magic and nowadays trending as an emerging technology.

Data Science

MEC College in Hyderabad recently organized a seminar and the stage was shared by some of the top-notch data scientists. Their views on data science testified that this is the thing of future and there will be no threat to the growth of data scientists across the globe. It’s a process of deriving and segmenting the useful data from the pile of humongous data records collected through different sources. In different organizations, there is a dearth of data scientists and this gap needs to be filled in the coming time. The truth to be admitted is that computer science is truly a winner among all the other specializations of engineering. B.Tech in CSE should always be on the top priority of the students seeking admission into engineering courses.

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