6 Effective Ways to Relieve Stress Naturally

There is no way around it: stress and anxiety are a part of life. While the experience of stress is common, daily worries and anxieties carry a heavy burden, and can make day-to-day functions an even greater challenge. Stress isn’t just uncomfortable. It also has a negative impact on your health, and can make it harder for your body to get restful sleep, maintain mental clarity and fight off illness. Here are six ways to take charge of your energy and relieve stress that weighs you down. 

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1. Harness the Power Of Mother Nature

For centuries, people have turned to the natural world for medicinal cures, inspiration and healing. Research has shown that spending time in nature has stress-relieving effects thanks to the soothing sights and sounds of its landscapes. Try to find time to get away from all the noise to take a hike, go camping or even just take a walk amongst green trees in your local park. 

Nature’s benefits extend beyond its sights and sounds. Medicines derived from plants and herbs, such as chamomile and hemp CBD flower, have naturally calming effects to relieve stress

2. Get Your Blood Pumping

Regular exercise isn’t only good for your waistline. When your heart rate is elevated and your muscles are working hard, your body releases endorphins that reduce hormones such as cortisol, which is generated in times of stress. Exercise can also improve the quality and duration of your sleep, making it easier to deal with daytime anxiety. You will reap the greatest benefits with regular exercise. Studies have shown that those who hit the gym regularly report decreased levels of stress compared to those who live generally sedentary lifestyles. 

3. Turn Inward

Sometimes the best way to relieve stress is to face the troublesome parts of your life directly. You won’t solve all of your problems by ruminating on them, but it can help to identify what the issues are that are keeping you up at night. Even giving all of the different stressors a moment of thought can reduce some of the mental noise and compartmentalize each area of your anxiety. It could be helpful to write in a journal or create a list of a few small goals that could reduce some of the stress you’re facing. When you’re more aware of what’s bothering you, and what it could take to remedy each situation, you may feel a little more mental clarity–and maybe even some feelings of empowerment to constructively handle your worries.

4. Reduce Triggers

You may not be able to ditch your stressful job right away or solve your financial problems, but your lifestyle may hold a few clues as to why the stress feels so unmanageable. When times are tough, try to stay away from things that can trigger more stress and anxiety, such as caffeine, processed or sugary foods, emotionally charged movies or television shows or irritating environments.

5. Lean On Loved Ones

A good support system can make it easier for you to deal with the things life throws your way. Stress often generates adrenaline, or your body’s fight or flight reaction. When you spend time fostering relationships and enjoying connections with loved ones, your body reacts by soothing your fears on a chemical level. Whether it’s a parent, a good friend or a pet, interacting with those you love most can boost your body’s oxytocin, a hormone released when bonding with others and associated with feelings of positivity and calm. Anything from a good listening ear to a worthwhile distraction from your problems can go a long way in diminishing and relieving stress. 

6. Practice Saying “No”

Stress accumulates even when your to-do list isn’t full from top to bottom. No matter how many things you have on your plate, when things feel out of control it’s hard to juggle even basic daily tasks.  To regain control of your life, look at the things you have the power to change. When you feel overwhelmed, it’s okay to start turning things down. A heavier load will only weigh you down further. Wherever you can, make moves to reduce your stress–not add to it. This way, you’ll feel more equipped to manage life’s stresses and clear space, and time, to really enjoy yourself. 

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