6 Tips for Self-Improvement This Summer

Summertime is a great opportunity for introspection and self-improvement. The weather is typically nicer, and if you are a student, you most likely have some free time. Self-improvement means focusing on a holistic view of your life and what you would like to achieve. Self-awareness is taking responsibility for yourself, your feelings, and your actions. The combination of self-improvement and self-awareness can be life changing. Working on yourself is the best thing that you can do this summer. Here are 6 tips for self-improvement.

Tips for Self-Improvement This Summer

  1. Introspect

Spend some time alone with yourself. Get to know what you like, and what you don’t. Explore the ways in which you process what you feel. Explore your emotions. Really dive deep into the inner workings of yourself. This is the most powerful thing that you can do with your time. When you feel a strong emotion, journal about what it is you are feeling, where those feeling come from, and what is affecting them. Learn how your mind and body work. Being still, and noticing everything that you feel is how to work on yourself.  

  1. Connect

Spend some time exploring the people in your life that mean something good to you. Why do they improve your mood? Think about how you can spend time connecting with them and fostering organic connections on a deeper level. The human connection is a powerful one and focusing on your existing relationships can be very therapeutic. Reach out the the people that make you happy and spend time in their company. If they cannot be with you physically, join them on a video or phone call.

  1. Forgive

Forgive yourself for the ways that you have treated yourself or others in the past. Explore what guilt, shame, and/or anger that you hold inside. Let it go. Apologize to people you have wronged. Forgive yourself for your mistakes. Tend to the relationship that you have with yourself. Do more things that make you feel connected to yourself. Self-improvement can happen through things like yoga, meditation, journaling, hiking, exercise, deep conversations, and through creation. Explore your hobbies and discover what lights your soul. Don’t be afraid to try new things on your self-improvement journey, you may be surprised by the things that you like but have yet to try.

  1. Inspire

Work on inspiring yourself and others. You can do things through setting goals and habits and following through with them. You can give sound advice and watch your friends as they take light from your words. You can write or create art and share it on social media. Find ways to inspire and be inspired. Becoming a mentor is a great way to inspire, as you can work directly with someone and watch their life change with your help. Helping and inspiring others is a powerful, cathartic resource.

  1. Love

Greet all that you encounter from a place of love., When you feel angry in the line for groceries, remind yourself that you are a being filled with love. When “bad” things happen in your life, try your hardest to see the light in a situation. Meditate on the takeaways and love that can be found in every place. This practice of seeing love and light has the potential to change your life if you let it.

  1. Expand

Take the time to learn. Reading books on self-improvement can help you integrate new practices into your own life. Conversations with new people can also help you expand your knowledge and awareness. 

If you have free time this summer, commit to improving your awareness and self. There is something very powerful about a person who radiates self-love, and love for others. Fall in love with yourself and with your life this summer. Set intentions and follow through on your promises. Soak up the warm weather. Spend more time connecting with nature. Expand your mind and improve your life. Connecting with and improving yourself, can drastically improve your experience with life.

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