7 Key Benefits of Voice Search Optimization For WordPress Website

Are you still following the old ways to search the information on the web? 

Don’t you want to use the novel communication methods? 

With technological improvements, people these days are looking for efficient and faster ways to communicate and to find the information.

Key Benefits of Voice Search Optimization in WordPress Website

Technology has evolved from years, from telegraph to telephone, fax to the internet and now to smartphones. These changes have some way or the other has influenced our lives and have changed our interpersonal communication styles.

We prefer speaking over writing. The revolution of artificial intelligence has changed the way we use to interact. Now, voice-controlled virtual assistants have become part of everyone’s life. People are finding the information using the voice search on tablets, mobile or the voice assistants to find the information online. 

Till date, approximately 420 million voice assistant has been sold.   1 billion Google searches per month are managed by the voice technology. 

According to the statistics:

  • By 2020, 50% of the searches will be conducted by voice search
  • 2 in 5 prefers voice-activated devices and consider it as a significant part of life
  • Siri is being used by 19% of users
  • 55% of the teens and 44% of adults are using voice searches

Now, it has become clear that voice searches have become more accurate and versatile because of its impeccable benefits.

Should the business person care about the voice search revolution

Yes, they do! 

Voice search optimization is the best method for small, medium and large enterprises for attracting potential customers. A businessperson should keep their finger on the pulse on the changing technology so that the novel marketing strategies can be integrated well with new searching techniques.

It is analyzed that voice search optimization will continue to accelerate, therefore, it is advisable to optimize the website for voice search with the SEO related activities to be on the peak.

Here, in this article, we have highlighted the benefits of Voice search optimization for the WordPress website.

Quality over Quantity

The content with a limit of 2000 to 3000 has more chances to rank high in voice searches.  But, the content with the meaningless approach will not stand out anywhere. The content will high quality is always preferable by Google. The content that will fulfil the requirements of quality material than it would be considered by Google and it does not consider social media signals as a ranking factor. The content with high engagement will tend to rank better by google for voice searches. 

SSL and HTTPS Certificate

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is a technology that keeps the internet connection secure. It protects the sensitive data transferred between two systems so that any malware or attacks cannot read or modify the information.  HTTPS (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure) is a URL that appears when the SSL secures the website.  

HTTPS is considered prior to the ranking factor for voice searches. Almost 70.4% of the Google home pages are safeguarded by HTTPS prefix. So, making your WordPress website secure with HTTPS is noticeable by Google.

Page Speed as a Crucial Ranking Signal

While searching the content or any sort of information, we always want the website/web page to open in less than 2 seconds. Fast speed and quick results are the best combinations. Page loading speed has now become an important mobile search ranking signal. Several voice searches have developed on mobile and other devices. 

It is found that 0.54 seconds is an approximate Time to First Byte (TTFB) of voice searches. Website speed plays an important role to appear the content in the voice search result.   Page Speed Insights is a tool insight that would help you to analyze whether your website’s loading time is enough.

For voice search optimization, page speed is a high priority. So, if you are unsure about performing it by yourself then you can aid WordPress development services from any agency to give you assure benefits.

Large Tail Keywords

While searching the content with a voice assistant, we pretend we are dealing with a human.  We only prefer to use short keywords to search but with large tail keywords, searching can be quick. It is a good measure for voice search optimization and SEO point of view. 

While asking questions (Voice query), the sound should be more natural. Tools, such as Serpstat search optimization and Answer the public can be used to work appropriately according to the target audience. The keyword/phrase that best describes the subject of the content should be used. 

Mobile Optimization

Mobile Optimization

The better mobile experience is a significant factor for voice search optimization. As per the demonstration, almost 30% of the searches will be executed without a screen in 2020.  For search engine ranking, Google has considered mobile optimization seriously. Google provides special tools with which mobile testing can be done for websites/ web pages.   

More Quality Backlinks

The websites with a high domain rating rank better than comparative websites. Priority is given only to those websites that have more backlinks as compared to the websites with a good backlink ratio. For Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs), quality links manage valuable off-page SEO tactics for boosting the page ranking. 

Featured Snippets

Features snippet section is another important factor for voice search optimization.  Almost 40.7% of the voice searches have been answered by featured snippets. It gives an exact answer to the queries in a precise format. Above all, it is vital to check that your webpage gets top of the search results.

Concluding Remarks

Voice search is not just a measure of ‘search’ only. Because of its massive improvement throughout the years, the content strategy of the brands should be re-considered to sustain in this growing web world.

Voice search optimization has changed the way to communicate and connect to the customers. This method would even enhance customer relationship management in the coming years. So, it is imperative to change with the world and adopt the important things that would pay well in the future. Technology will not wait for you to get the house in order. Start it today!  

If there would be any further queries on voice search than please feel free to comment below in the comment section.

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