What to do if a Friend or Family Member has an Allergy?

There is at least one or two in each family and circle of friends who are suffering from any type of allergy. When you visit an Allergy specialist near me; the allergist will tell you all about allergies and how to help people in your family and friends to live with this illness.

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Allergy specialist near me Warns About Allergies:

Many of the people are not aware of the gravity of the allergies and its risks. Several points have to be explained because it can make a difference between life and death. If the following factors are taken into account then it can improve the health of the affected person.

Self-Diagnose is bad:

A big mistake that people make is that they do a self-analysis of the symptoms that they or others have. They can’t tell the difference between cold or allergy in which they can give the wrong remedy and worse the condition. If there is someone who is trying to do it then don’t listen to the person and go to an expert for advice.

Patience is Essential:

The proper diagnosis and treatment of allergies take time. The allergist takes a full medical history of the patient, and then he will suggest different tests. After the results of the tests come out only the cause can be determined. Finally, the allergist proposes treatment and educate about how to prevent from further increasing. All of this process takes time so be very patient and rush into conclusions.

Development when you are an Adult:

People think that allergies only happen in childhood and those who have it then don’t develop in later years. There are some allergies that are dormant during childhood because they are not exposed to the trigger then. But when that allergen comes in contact with the person; the allergy starts. 

Allergic Reaction not always the same:

All types of allergies are different from each other. The time of the occurrence, duration period and the symptoms are different in each case. So don’t think that if someone is having a set of symptoms; you will have the same allergy.

What should I fear inside or outside Allergens?

People react very differently to allergens whether they are outside or inside. There is no set rule for this question. Many people have seasonal allergies but they can react to allergens inside the house or the outside allergens. But an increase in Allergy Pollen Counts can worsen the allergies in a matter of time. 

Helping a Friend or Family Member with Allergies:

If one of your family members or friend is suffering from an allergic reaction then it is your duty to make his/ her life comfortable and convenient. It is important that you visit a proper medical facility like Atlanta Allergy Clinic to have a correct diagnosis of the allergy you have. Understanding the condition they are undergoing is difficult but you can help them but doing the following things. 

Shut the Windows Closed:

Whenever there is a risk of an increase in pollen count and people who have allergies are visiting; you have to do everything to keep the allergens out for the house. For this intention to work; you have to keep the doors and windows of your house closed. This doesn’t allow the pollen or molds to get into the house. 

Suggest Taking a Bath:

Always remind or suggest to them to take a bath after coming from outdoors. Their clothes must also be cleaned because clothes can carry allergens from the atmosphere. But be careful not to hang them outside as they will catch the pollen again.

Have Masks readily Available:

The best way to prevent allergens from entering the air passage is by wearing a mask. A simple surgical mask is good for people with simple allergies but people with seasonal allergies any type of respiratory mask can be very effective.

Arrange for Healthy Foods:

You have to be aware of the different foods that can intensify the allergic reaction. When these people come to your house; make sure then you arrange for the foods that are healthy and allergic friendly for them.

Keep them Hydrated:

Many of the allergic reactions worsen when less quantity of water is taken. You can serve them drinks that are recommended by the doctor to keep them hydrated.  

Use Natural Items:

Use natural items to clean your home because many people are allergic to chemicals that are in the cleaning products. The best way is to use a special allergen trapping vacuum cleaner.

Don’t Smoke in their presence:

If you are a hookah, cigarette smoker or have a habit of vaping; then you have to be careful not to smoke in front of them because it can accelerate the symptoms very much. Always select the no-smoking areas in restaurants, café, and hotels.

Knowledge of the Triggers:

You can only help the people suffering from allergies by having the full knowledge of the trigger of the allergy. In this way, you can avoid the items with the allergens and take precautionary measures for their safety. 

Prepare Activities Accordingly:

Before you plan for an activity outside; you have to ask an Allergy specialist near me for different safety measures that you can take. You can check the pollen count and decide for the perfect time of the day.

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