7 Tips to Help Students Beat Exam Blues

In this world where parents want their children to rise and shine, it’s natural for students to jump into the race of scoring good grades. Exam blues start with procrastinating and then stressing about it rather than actually studying for it. Isn’t that true?

Students Beat Exam Blues

But preparing for exams doesn’t have to be at the cost of your health or sleepless nights. Yes, it’s important to score well to land into a good college, but your grades don’t define who you’re.

Exams are a part of your life, and it’s time you learn how to deal with it. Here we have listed seven tips to help students beat exam blues.

Get Sleepover Caffeine

It’s quite ludicrous if you believe that you’re wasting time while sleeping. Your body needs to rest, and this happens when you sleep. So, if you think you’re saving time by gulping two mugs of coffee, you’re wrong. Instead, you’re tiring your body more and more.

The reports suggest that 78% of people consume more caffeine than recommended. Therefore, rather than cutting on your sleep, make sure you cut on caffeine and sleep at least 6 to 8 hours before your exam night. Not only your mind would be fresh, but your body would also feel fresh.

If you still think your learning process is incomplete without a cup of coffee, then try replacing it with herbal tea because it helps with relieving stress.

Time Yourself

‘I’ll start by 11 in the morning, and I’ll be done by evening maximum’ isn’t this the biggest lie you have been telling yourself? Between this, there’s a lot more you’ll do.

Throwing mini challenges at yourself encourages productivity because now you have a goal or deadline to achieve. Timing yourself means, setting some realistic yet testifying deadlines. For instance – you have an exam the next day, but you have seven chapters to complete. It may sound unrealistic, but you got to ace it. You can time it by giving one hour to every lesson.

Giving 7 hours a day before your exam is not difficult, but at the same time, if you’re not the last minute the learner, you need to prepare for it beforehand. Start taking out two or more hours, depending on your exam requirement every day!

Take Breaks

There’s no point in giving yourself a hard time because you can’t study 24/7. Just like the rest of your body parts, your brain needs rest too. If you have locked yourself inside a room to avoid distractions – this isn’t going to work. You need to breathe fresh air, get up, walk a little, and function normally. 

Exams don’t mean you just cut yourself from everything – even your own house. If you decide to sit in one place for the whole day, there’s no learning at all. If you don’t believe us, Elaine Ransom-Hodges said that sitting for long hours is likely to lower brain activity, which hinders learning.

Therefore, make sure to give yourself small breaks. These could be as small as grabbing snacks from the kitchen, chatting with friends, or even taking a 20-minute long power nap.

Schedule Revision

It’s amazing how you have done all your exam preparation beforehand, but everyone has a human brain – which is forgetful.

The fact of the matter is that you need to plan a revision schedule along with your learning schedule. As soon as you’re covering your course, you need to start revising that on the same hand. Memorizing something once is not enough, you need to inject it inside your brain.

For quick revisions, you can quickly go through the Singapore CACS paper study guide to help recall everything. Have you noticed that even when you know everything, you’re unable to recall it during the exam? It’s because of the lack of revisions. Once you’ve cracked this code, no exam blues are coming in your way.

Build a Perspective

Pressurizing yourself won’t take you anywhere; instead, it would make things worse for you. Instead of worrying and going crazy about it, it’s imperative to tell yourself that these exams are not an end to this world. Changing your perspective helps.

Don’t force yourself into something if you are not into it because you can’t do it then. All you need to do is build a perspective, monitor yourself, look for the things you enjoy doing. For instance – if you like knowing about the current affairs, then you shouldn’t be banging your head into medicine.

Studying what you like makes things a lot easier. Because when you’re interested, you can automatically fight away all the exam blues.

Bring Exercise into Routine

There’s no concept that exercise is only for fat people. In reality, exercise is for everyone, no matter you’re skinny or underweight. To your surprise, it helps with everything – even fighting the exam blues because it helps in reducing stress.

Let’s dive into the ‘how’ part, your body releases endorphins, helping your brain feel better –they are the happy hormones. Moreover, it helps with blood circulation, allowing your body to function better. This doesn’t mean that you need to head towards the gym daily – twice or thrice a week is enough.

We understand that this the last thing you would want to do when you’re stressed, but it works. Once you make exercise a part of your student life, you’ll definitely witness a positive change!

Go on a Social Media Cleanse

This can hit you like a ton of bricks, but just like your parents say, social media is your biggest distraction while studying. It doesn’t matter if your friends are asking how much you’ve studied on WhatsApp. Or you’re scrolling through the Facebook feed. It’s equally diverting and stressful.

Yes, we agree that social media holds a lot of advantages but not when your exams are waiting on the door. If you’re still not convinced, then check out this app ‘holdup app’. It rewards you for the time you don’t use your phone. Sounds great, No?


The name ‘exam’ is itself is nerve-racking, but you need to build up the courage to stand this piece of paper. Remember there are many exams which would come and go in life. You just have to make yourself use to it. Instead of losing self-control and punching yourself with anxiety, look at these seven tips, which can help you to beat the exam blues.

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