7 Ways to Decorate an Unsightly Window

7 Ways to Decorate an Unsightly Window – Windows are not just an element of the construction of our home. They play an important role in decorating. Properly decorated openings can create a special atmosphere and give the house or apartment a finished look. To make the windows beautiful, it is not necessary to order expensive curtains. You need only inspiration and even familiar blinds will become a real art object. Updating the interior has never been so easy and budget! Here is the list of seven ways to decorate an unsightly window you can make by yourself.

Decorate a Window - 7 Ways to Decorate an Unsightly Window

1. Make a crown-molding display or a shelf

You can add some attractiveness to your plain window with a crown molding display or a shelf underneath its frame. Use decorative wooden brackets to secure the installation and use this space to display some plants or decorations.

2. Refresh the view

Refresh your window by taking a creative approach to the space beyond. Plant a shrub or medium-sized tree at the base of the window or install a flower box at the windowsill. If the problem is an unsightly fence or property marker, plan painting work or plant a vine (and be sure to ask your neighbors about it).

3. Install high and wide curtains 

Despite the fact that your window is small, it doesn’t mean that it cannot be the focus of the room. Perform the illusion of big size by using a curtain rod that stretches three to six inches outside the window frame on both sides. This method will also allow more sunlight to penetrate the room when the curtains are closed. You can also add height by setting the curtain rod three to six inches above the window frame or even under the ceiling. If you want to avoid an excessive look, clamp the curtains correctly. The fabric should either slide along the floor or be cut approximately two inches higher.

4. Create a stained glass window

You can make a cheap stained glass window with the help of stained glass paint. This is a product that allows you to draw directly on glass. The result will be wonderful because it will be able to obscure the poor look. It would be better to paint nyc windows that receive a lot of natural light.

5. Place two or more curtain panels

If you want to hide a plain window frame, the more curtain panels you will hang, the better look it will have. Three or four are the most acceptable option. You will be able to slide one panel on each side of the curtain rod to cover the window frame and use inner panels to close the window.

6. Stick matte or patterned window film

There are a lot of different window films that can change an ordinary look of the window and let in natural light at the same time. Hardware stores usually offer different film options that look like frosted glass or have unique ornaments. You can simply crop them to fit each window panel. If you want to get the center of frosted glass with a transparent glass frame, cut the film approximately an inch smaller than the panel (on every side) and stick it to the center.

7. Add some flowers

The kitchen window is a good place to create there a little herb garden. You can use the tension rod to hook or hang the potted plant. Plants will love the sunshine and you can enjoy a lively demonstration. Your herbs and flowers will be fond of the sunshine and you will enjoy this new attractive look.

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