8.1 Magnitude Earthquake killed 78 People in Pakistan

Today Pakistan has faced a powerful and fearful earthquake that has shocked the country from its core. This was a disastrous even the people have to face today and it’s after effects can be still felt in the heart of terrifying people.

8.1 Magnitude Earthquake killed 78 People in Pakistan

According to a basic report at least 78 people died while numerous others (more than 376) injured when a powerful 8.1 magnitude earthquake shakes the country this Monday.

The starting area of this long wave was considered to be the Koh-e-Hindukush. The earth wave in these areas are common as they the deepness of the area covers the effect but this time the disruption of earth core plates are entirely different.

One of the major losses was two women died when a wall of their house collapsed on them in Swat. According to reliable sources the quake was definitely 196 km deep and the area of origin was 82 km southeast of Feyzabad in a distant area of Afghanistan that lies in the Hindu Kush mountain sequence.

The rector square of this earthquake was confirmed by Pakistan Meteorological Department that was said to be 8.1 to be precise.

These effects were felt in major parts of Pakistan and to be naming some of the major countries will include Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, Sialkot, Quetta, Peshawar, Swabi Kohat, Abbottabad, Swat and Malakand. The focus or more severe effect of the earthquake was felt in KPK and surrounding areas. Numerous people suffered different injuries in various building in Peshawar given in following the quake, tricking people inside the wreckage.

There are several reports of houses breakdown received from diverse parts of the country. Not only had this happened, a wall of Ambala Muslim School in Sargodha also distorted as a result of the earthquake.

The effect of these waves was not confined only to a single country. These effects were also feeling in certain parts of India and Afghanistan.

The quake also tremble the strong and solid buildings of the country warning frightened people of their safety. According to National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA), nationwide aftershocks are probable to be occurred in next 24 hours.

Most of the people left their homes and building came on the streets reciting Kalma-e-Tayyaba.  Firstly it was said that an earthquake of magnitude 7.7 hit Pakistan and northeastern Afghanistan but later was more appropriately considered to be 8.1. Communication facilities have been disturbed in Islamabad and Lahore and will take some time to recover.

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