8 best cars everyone should buy in 2018

There are now over 1.2 billion cars on the road, with the number expected to reach 2 billion by the year 2035. Automobiles that once used to be a luxury are now a necessity. We need them for a range of purposes such as everyday commute (for example to work or school) and even for leisure (such as for road trips). There can be no denying their importance in our lives.

8 best cars everyone should buy in 2018

Over the years, cars have advanced significantly. It’s no longer enough for them to be just a mode of transport. They need to provide the best possible driving experience at the lowest possible price for them to be competitive in today’s market. Some aspects to consider when choosing which car to buy include:

  • Price range
  • Intended use (short range or long range travel)
  • Its features – Infotainment system, safety features, etc.
  • Mileage per liter of fuel consumed
  • Durability
  • Resale value
  • Reviews

If you want to sell your old car and buy a new one, value my car free services such as those offered by this site might come in handy. Here is a general list of the best cars to buy in 2018:

Toyota Avalon

The Toyota Avalon is a large sized sedan with quite a lot to offer. It has a fairly powerful engine that provides 301 horsepower to the front wheels making for a smooth ride. However, what sets this car apart from the competition is its wide, spacious and comfortable interior.

The car also has user-friendly driving assistance features along with a touchscreen infotainment system. The Avalon is widely regarded as one of the best-looking sedans in the game and is priced at 33,500 US dollars.

Lexus ES

The Lexus ES the best mid-sized luxury sedan on the market. It has a similar engine performance to the Avalon which in itself is a compliment to the Lexus ES. A sports version is also available for those looking for better performance.

It has excellent handling and gives a great driving experience. This car also has a marvelous interior designed with high-quality materials.

The cabin is capacious and stays very quiet during a drive. Other positives about this car include its safely features and modern infotainment system. The Lexus ES comes at the cost of 40,500 US dollars.

Audi A3

The Audi A3 is a lower budget small car that boasts features that are comparable to its pricier counterparts. The car’s 186 hp, 221 lb-ft torque, 2.0-liter turbocharged engine provide more than enough power for a steady acceleration.

It has a plush leather interior to go with its sleek body. The A3 is rated 5/5 for safely due to advanced features such as Audi’s pre sense technology. Other features include Audi’s virtual cockpit and a state of the art infotainment system. The Audi A3 gives you a luxury car experience at the low cost of just 32,000 US dollars.

Honda Odyssey

If you are a parent looking for the perfect ride for yourself and your family, look no further than the Honda Odyssey. This car is the best minivan out there in 2018. It has an open interior with enough room to easily seat 8.

There are three rows of seats and sliding doors, both of which are customary to most minivans. The infotainment system is easy to use, and there is a camera to monitor the cabin – a feature I’m sure parents with toddlers in the backseat will appreciate. Despite being a minivan, this car offers the same smooth drive that we have grown accustomed to from all Honda cars. The price of the Odyssey starts at roughly 30,000 US dollars.

Toyota Highlander

For those of you looking to buy an SUV, the Toyota Highlander should fulfill your needs. This mid-sized SUV has 3 rows that can seat 8 people. The cabin size is consistent between the second and third row which ensures that those sitting in the last row do not have a compromised experience.

This car has a standout drive with a powerful 185-hp V6 engine and an option between a front wheel or all-wheel drive. There are also several driving assistance tools available in this car. The Toyota Highlander costs 31 thousand US dollars.

Honda HR-V

For people who want an SUV experience but don’t quite want such a large vehicle, Honda’s HR-V provides the answer. This subcompact SUV has two rows of seats instead of 3, but each row is extremely roomy. The car is also cargo friendly.

It averages 28 miles per gallon in the city and 34 miles per gallon on the highway making it quite an efficient SUV indeed. No doubt the HR-V is not a perfect car, however, at its 20 thousand US dollar price point, it is worth every penny.

Tesla Model 3

How can we make a list of the best cars in 2018 without including an electric car? Electric cars are coming into the mainstream fast and Tesla is one of the biggest companies at the forefront of this revolution.

Their Model 3 is the best all-electric vehicle available on the market for its price. It has an impressive wireless range of 310 miles in a single charge. A 271 hp engine that can accelerate the car from 0-60 in 3.5 seconds helps this car achieve a top speed of 155 mph.

Tesla’s cars are some of the safest on the market and are convenient to drive. The model 3, just like other models from Tesla, comes with semi-autonomous autopilot abilities. Coming at roughly 50 thousand US dollars, it is one of the more affordable electric cars on the market.

Ford Mustang GT:

The Ford Mustang GT is proof that you don’t have to spend gargantuan amounts to buy a high-performance sports car. This muscle car hosts a mighty 460 hp, 420 lb-ft torque, 5.0 L V-8 engine, and a 6-speed manual transmission.

It can race from 0-60 in under 4 seconds and reaches a top speed of close to 160 mph. Contrary to popular belief, this car has excellent control even at sharp turns. Quite unbelievably the Mustang GT will only set you back 33,000 US dollars, making it the best bargain on a sports car.

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