8 Tips on How to Upgrade your TV Experience

How do you take your TV watching experience? Is your TV just mounted there in your living room and you just watch it to pass time? Or, you like to put in an effort to maintain your media room just like your entertainment-lover family members, to have an enhanced TV-watching experience?

TV Experience

Let us enlighten you. A good TV-watching experience is more than just a good picture quality and a steady subscription to Frontier Cable and Internet. You need the right cables, an efficient remote, good room setting, and many other tweaks.

If you want to have an ultimate TV setup, know that you can make it more impressive than certain theatres. Thanks to the latest technology!

8 Incredible Tips to Enhance Your TV-Viewing Experience

Following are some easy and convenient upgrades to maximize your TV experience.

  1. Get Your Hands on a Super-Smart DVR.
  2. Get Streaming Services.
  3. Pair Your TV with Great Speakers.
  4. Try Using Your TV’s Modes.
  5. Get a Universal Remote.
  6. Consider Motorized Shades.
  7. Voice-Control TV is a Great Option.
  8. Manually Calibrate for Your TV’s Best Picture.

Let’s get some details.

Get Your Hands on a Super-Smart DVR

Digital Video Recorders or DVRs are a standard TV accessory with most of the satellite and cable TV services. But if you upgrade it to a better one, it will change your TV-viewing experience. DVRs come with bigger hard drives and customized wish lists or recommendations. They are capable of recording anything from your Cable TV as well as your streaming apps and boxes. Much advanced!

Get Streaming Services

You need to install some streaming services on your Smart TV. For all those times when you want to enjoy some particular series or movie and not just regular cable TV content, you need a service like Netflix, Hulu, or any other streaming service. You can also get a streaming box.

Pair Your TV with Great Speakers

Even if you have invested in a great Smart TV, its speakers cannot compare the sound quality of good external speakers. With a pair of high-quality speakers, you will understand every dialogue of every movie that you watch. The background sounds will make more impression. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that your movie-watching experience will entirely change with the addition of good speakers.

If you love music, speakers will do a great job there too. If you are working on building a home theatre, getting a pair of exceptional speakers has to be the first step.

Try Using Your TV’s Modes

Have you ever explored all the picture and sound modes, which your TV has to offer? Or have you been sticking to the same standard mode since you have bought the screen? If that’s the case, you need to discover these handy options. Your TV has modes like cinema mode, music mode, game mode, and so on.

If you find calibrating these settings difficult, make sure you discover all these amazing modes. And switch according to what you are doing.

Get a Universal Remote

This one is a must! Since you have so many devices connected to your TV, you will end up having plenty of remotes stacked up on your media rack. Now, who wants to shuffle through that pile of remotes every time you want to use a remote of a different connected box? Save yourself from this hassle and get your hands on a universal remote.

You will have to browse the universal remotes available in the market. Some of them can even control smart devices in your house too.

Consider Motorized Shades

Does daylight from your windows intervene with the picture quality of your TV? Sunlight can create glare on the screen and it can be such a put off if you are trying to enjoy something on air. Consider using motorized window treatment. It can be controlled by a remote or app. It is conveniently programmed to avert sunlight’s interruption to your TV screen.

Voice-Control TV is a Great Option

Do you know that there are televisions in the market, which respond on voice command? How convenient really! Imagine skipping all the remotes and just using your voice to change channels, browse Netflix, turn the volume down, and so on. You can save yourself from endless clicking and simply command, “Find an action movie.” And there it is. Already playing!

Manually Calibrate for Your TV’s Best Picture

Smart TVs are intelligently built and designed. Yet, they don’t come with your living room’s optimal setup. The automated modes are great but to enjoy a significantly amazing picture quality, you will have to manually customize it. Don’t be afraid to do so! All you need is a few tweaks to the color, contrast, brightness, and so on. And you can always revert them if you don’t like them.

You essentially need to have a calibration disc for this purpose. Many Blu-Rays and DVDs come with these calibration discs and you can use one of them. Get the superior setup for your TV and then you can enjoy all the programming with one of your FiOS TV packages to the fullest!

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