9 Apps To Improve Your Android Phone’s Performance

Improve android performance – There are almost 2.5 billion android users across the globe. The android phones, despite all the efforts, slow down with time. Though it has been advanced with time, it can’t stop applications from creating junk.

This is the time when the performance of the phone is affected. Worried? Don’t worry; I will provide you with details regarding the number of android phone applications.

Speed up android phone performance – These can be used to enhance the performance of your android phone.

Improve android performance

1.   Avast Cleanup

The first and the adequate one for you is the Avast Cleanup, having 4.7-star rating at play store. This application works by cleaning junk files and storage. Therefore, it should be on your isle of tools.

The application deletes the undesired, lower quality and duplicates photos. Hold tight more to go, and it also turns off the resource-hogging applications.

These applications run in the background and slow the speed of the phone. The application also eliminates the pre-installed bloatware.

2.   ROM Manager

This application gives a punch to your slow performing cell phone. This device enables you to download a variety of ROMs for enhancing the phone’s performance. The app has a 4.1-star rating.

It also supports the inclusion of advance features in the device. The app provides the smart user interface that manages ROM.

The most useful feature of the app is OTA (Over-the-air) updates. This allows the user to download ROMs at a higher speed.

Hold on! There are more to go. The app provides custom build keyboards that are better than built-in keyboards. It also includes performance enhancement options.

3.   CPU Tuner

Wait! Don’t get confused because of the name. It is an android app for improving your android’s battery and processor performance.

The app provides the option to create a preset profile. This also permits you to create a custom profile that alarms you under a particular condition. The full functionality is based on slowing down the speed of application. It slows an unnecessary app when you are doing something important on another app.

This feature enables the app to run essential apps without any hurdle. The cool profile options mark the position of this app in your application.

4.   Speed Increase

Transferring urgent file at the office and stuck due to the slower speed. The SD can sometimes also create hurdles in the featureless and benchmarked services of the phone.

Don’t worry; I also have an app for this, the Speed Increase app. It permits the user to amplify the cache file size of SD card.

The app is popular among Android users due to its most straightforward interface. It just increases the cache size. The app changes cache size after every reboot. However, this additional step can be eliminated by customizing the setting.

5.   Android Assistance

Not get the desired app? There are more to go. The Android Assistance app is used to clean caches from the android.

It also eliminates other block startup apps and temporary data that curtail the speed. In your tool menu, this app is the most reliable one. It contains all the essential elements to increase the functioning of your app.

This app has it all, from the startup manager to the cache cleaner. The most exciting feature is yet to disclose. All the unwanted apps can be uninstalled at once by selecting the batch option. Also, you can banish unwanted operations just by a click.

If you are the one looking for all in one app, then this one is for you. This single app is the master one, doing all the jobs by itself.

6.   3C Toolbox

The toolbox is seriously a box full of tools to fix your slow android. The 3C toolbox serves as a device management tool. The app has a 4.5-star rating.

It is used to monitor and control all the software and hardware of the android. It can manager RAM, control CPU, Tweaks Screen, and calibrate battery’s life. It can also optimize your phone’s system.

It monitors the setting of hardware and alters it as per the requirements for gaining higher speed.

7.   360 Security

If you are exhausted due to your phone’s malware and slower speed, get this app now. This application is a security solution with a diverse range of features.

According to coursework writing service, even if the malware is hidden under the layers, it identifies and eliminates it. Not enough? It also swipes the cache and temporary data junk.

No need to worry about your valuable data. This app clears all the space for your data. The app is famous due to the smooth Android experience accompanied by better performance.

8.   Greenify

It is an auto operating device optimizer named Greenify. The app functions on a simpler pattern. All of the programs running in the background are hibernated.

Therefore, significant resources are freed to be used. The app has a 4.1-star rating.

It will increase not only the speed of your phone but also the batter life. It only hibernates the apps, consuming a higher level of memory.

9.   AnTuTu Benchmark

Unlike the aforementioned applications, this app is not a booster; it is a tester. This app using the OS enthusiasts verifies different functions of the phone.

It evaluates the processor speed, memory performance, SD card reading capability, and 3D rendering abilities. If you are a gamer, verify the android gaming abilities of your phone by this app. It identifies the 2D and other rendering capabilities of the phone.

Not much fascinating? The app provides comparative statistics of your android with other brands. It also provides the regulatory benchmark for your phone.

I hope you will be able to maximize the productivity of your android phone using the apps we discussed.

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