What can we expect from the Android OS for next-generation feature phones?

As we all know that Google has recently launched its much-awaited third version Android Q beta and the same is available for download as well. With every Android OS update, one question that keeps revolving in the minds of every Android users is “What’s new”? So in this article, we will have a look at all the new and exciting features and functions that this new OS mobile update promises to bring to its users.

Android OS next generation phone

Listed below is a list of some of the exciting features that we can expect in the next update of Android OS?

Bubbles feature

The name might sound confusing, but the feature seems interesting. “Bubbles” is nothing but a new way for Android device users to multitask among its various applications”. Instead of forming different tabs for different apps and sliding between them, Bubbles will allow users to pull up applications in floating versions on top of the content. This will be very much similar to Facebook Messenger’s feature of Chat Heads. Bubbles feature will help users in having a convenient view of the ongoing tasks and updates on their devices. With the help of this feature, messaging will also become easy as important conversation or notes can be easily kept within reach in the form of bubbles popping on the screen.

New location tools and features

The new Android application Development Company brings with it new features and options for location permissions. Earlier the only option available was to deny or allow location access, but with the new Android OS users will be able to have an additional control option for allowing the app to access their location. There will be the following three options available for the users to choose from “Allow all the time”, “Allow when using the app,” or “Deny.” With this option, users can allow location access only when using the app without having to turn it on and off again and again.

New privacy tools

The new OS update provides additional security features that restrict applications to have access to the device’s IMEI or serial number, or any other crucial information. It also allows for randomizing of devices MAC address, thus protecting the devices from Wi-Fi connections. Additional restrictions are imposed on the apps while launching them from the background without user interaction.

Sharing and connectivity features

The new Android OS update allows the users to enjoy some cool Sharing Shortcuts, thus allowing you to jump and switch between apps more easily than before. Also, there will be a new connectivity settings panel within third-party. This allows the third parties to quickly have access to Wi-Fi, Airplane Mode, and other settings without having to leave the app again and again.

Multimedia notification

With the new Os update, users can keep a track of the progress of the music and video with the help of the progress bar. But, you will not be able to forward or rewind the video or music by tapping on the progress bar.

The classic Dark Theme

We all are becoming a fan of the Dark theme. And the same is being offered by the new OS update. It can be accessed through Settings > Display > Dark Theme. It could be a little straining to the eyes at night, but it will definitely lead to some energy saving on OLED screens. Dark mode will be switched on automatically when the device is on power saver mode.

Live Caption

The new android comes with an interesting feature of Live caption. Google claims it to be available even while in Airplane Mode. This feature can be activated with a single tap. IT works with podcasts, videos, and audio messages.

Smart Reply

The feature that every messaging service needs. This smart reply feature is added into the notification system through which it can be activated for all the messaging services the device is using.

The Focus Mode

This is very much like the do not disturb mode. As the name itself suggests, this feature helps the users to focus on whatever they are doing. This feature allows you to temporarily silence apps you don’t want to get disturbed with for a while. But, you can still receive important notifications even when this mode is on through activating the necessary setting.

Foldable Phone Support

The new Android OS update claims to support the devices with foldable displays such as Samsung Galaxy F, with improved battery life thus providing them a more seamless experience.

Warning against Older Apps

One of the most exciting features the new Android OS update has offered is the warning against older apps. This new Android OS update informs users when they install an app that might not support the latest features of the update.

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