9 Things to Do While Planning an Out of State Move

Out of State Move – Moving to a new state can be a big undertaking. You’ll have to make a lot of decisions along the way, and how they turn out will affect how well and quickly you get settled in your new town. Doing these nine things before you start loading up the truck can help smooth the transition. Here 9 things to do while planning an out of state move.

Out of State Move

1. Find Employment

If you are moving to accept a new job or transfer, then you can skip this step because you already have employment lined up. For others or any second income earners in your household, this is a crucial first step. Once you know where you will be working in your new home, you can start to make other decisions. 

2. Secure Housing

This is another big choice. Unless you want to move from one hotel to another while you are looking for the right house, you will need to secure some time of housing before you move. If nothing else, knowing where you are going will give your movers an address to take all your stuff. Housing can be an apartment or a short term rental if you aren’t able to find exactly what you are looking for, or if you need more time to get to know local areas before deciding where to settle down. 

3. Check Schools

Find out what the local schools are like. Go to their websites and look at school grade reports for an overall picture. Even if you don’t have school-aged children, the quality of schools can have a big impact on housing values, so it’s important to know. 

4. Update Accounts

You will need to update any banking, health insurance, and other accounts with your new information. Don’t overlook accounts that you monitor or pay annually. These may include investment accounts, life insurance policies, or even subscriptions. 

5. Pare Down Belongings

Take this move as an opportunity to really pare down your belongings. In other words, go ahead and get rid of some of that stuff that’s cluttering up your attic, basement, and garage. Toss anything that is unusable, stained, or broken, then hold a yard sale to help raise some moving funds and donate the leftovers to a local charity. If you simply can’t part with some items before a big move to Utah, check out storage units in Layton so you have a place to keep them. 

6. Look at Travel Choices

Decide how you are going to get to your new home. You may decide to drive a rental moving truck or your own car. Longer trips may lend themselves more to air or train travel, though. Don’t forget to make arrangements for your vehicles if you aren’t going to drive them yourself. 

7. Hire a Moving Company

Interview and hire a moving company. This can be a huge undertaking, so don’t leave it until the last minute. Make sure to ask about any potential surprise costs, such a for delays or having to store your belongings if the movers arrive before you do. If the idea of others handling your personal belongings doesn’t sit well with you, consider a hybrid solution like ABF U-Pack. You load the trailer and their drivers move it to your new location. 

8. Prepare an Emergency Box

This will stay with you throughout the move, however you decide to travel, so pack it accordingly. You will include important papers like birth certificates, social security cards; legal documents like wills, powers of attorney, and health care directives; and any medications in this box. You will likely need these shortly after your arrival, so keep it in a safe place. 

9. Forward Your Mail

One of the last things you will do before you move is to forward your mail to your new address. You can request the change online or fill out a quick form at your local post office. 

Moving is a busy and exciting time. Limit the stress it causes and keep it fun by getting these things done before you head to your new home. 

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