A Definite Guide to Everything about Chikungunya

You might have heard the term Chikungunya before but it is needless to say that many don’t even know what exactly it is! This guide talks about how the Chikungunya virus infects people through a mosquito bite and how it causes severe joint pains and fever. It seldom is fatal but its symptoms are absolutely severe, debilitating, and long-lasting! It was earlier considered as a severe disease of tropics.

A Definite Guide to Everything about Chikungunya

However, with evident cases, it has been seen that the disease has affected a quarter of counters on the planet. To know more about its causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment; keep reading on!

Quick Facts about the virus

• Chikungunya is diagnosed only by blood tests.
• No vaccines are available for chikungunya.
• Chikungunya means ‘to walk bent’.

A Brief History

Chikungunya happens to be an RNA virus and the world has been derived from Kimakonde or Makonde language which is spoken on Makonde plateau where this disease was initially described. The word means bending up or becoming contorted. This describes the patient’s stooped appearance with severe joint pain.

Symptoms and treatments

The chikungunya virus symptoms are as similar as the symptoms of dengue fever. These symptoms appear a couple of days after a mosquito biting an individual. The symptoms are fever, headache, joint pains, rash, muscle pains, and joint swelling. Other symptoms include nausea, conjunctivitis, and vomiting.

While the virus is seldom fetal, the symptoms are severe. Patients can recover from fever within a couple of week. However, joint pains are known for persisting over months. No special drugs are there for treating chikungunya. Since it’s severe, the only patient care recommendation that doctors can give is plenty of fluids and rest. Apart from that, medications that can help ease joint pains and fever are ibuprofen, naproxen, and acetaminophen! One can also go for physiotherapy treatments for long-lasting pains.


A blood test or chikungunya test can diagnose chikungunya definitively as symptoms aren’t always easy to. It becomes important to rule out the dengue fever quickly due to its higher rate of mortality! In case the individual is encountering such symptoms, they need to visit the doctor no sooner than later.

Is there anything called Chikungunya vaccine?

There’s no proper antiviral treatment for Chikungunya. However, the disease is rarely fetal and short-lived!

Chikungunya Complications

• The Chikungunya complications include:
• Inflammation of layer in eyes between outer fibrous and inner retina
• Inflammation of the retina
• Inflammation of heart muscles
• Inflammation of liver
• Inflammation of kidneys
• Bleeding
• Meningoencephalitis (inflammation of brain membranes)
• Myelitis (inflammation of spinal cord)
• Loss of cranial nerves’ function, and more


The necessary-to-perform steps have been mentioned right below.

• One can use the insect repellent containing DEET or N, N-Diethyl-meta-toluamide on clothing and skin. Additionally, using picaridin is also effective!
• Clothes that cover the entire body can be a great way for the prevention of chikungunya disease!
• While it is never possible for everyone to stay indoor all the time, you can at least try avoiding the exterior of your house during the evening time when you find mosquitos all around.
• Products that contain oil of PMD or lemon eucalyptus is always effective.
• Switching on the AC – this prevents mosquitos from entering the rooms.
• A mosquito net for a good night sleep is also effective.
• Using insecticide vaporizers and mosquito coils can be helpful.

Since chikungunya disease can only occur after a particular type of mosquito bites you, the simplest way of preventing this disease is by minimizing the contact of individuals with mosquitos.

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