A suspected Terrorist Attacked Boston PD Officers

Recently major news comes into light which was spread like fire over the social media. A man who swayed a big military knife at officers and is supposed to have been taken by ISIS was shot and executed by police in Boston on Tuesday, rendering to officials. The suspect was afterwards recognized as Usaama Rahim, 26, and was for some time under 24-hour investigation by anti-terrorism specialists.

A suspected Terrorist Attacked Boston PD Officers

This statement was released by the FBI Special Agent in Charge Vincent B. Lisi. According to her Rahim was a subject of a terror investigation connecting alleged Islamist extremists by the law enforcement.

“For this to say, we don’t consider there is any problem for public security. We trust he was a danger to the society and Boston Police Commissioner Williams Evans confirms that he was someone we were inspecting for quite some time.”

Ibrahim Rahim was an imam at the Lighthouse Mosque in Oakland, California. He earlier displayed about his brother’s death on social media recently. According to the Ibrahim Rahim his brother was talking to his father and was shot three times in the back throughout the conflict. In a statement the Islamic Society of Boston afterward told that police have asked Muslim leaders Wednesday to watch shadowing video of the shooting.

The ISBCC said that it had had a limited relationship with Rahim. A security firm it uses to provide security at the center hired him as a guard for a month in 2013. Rahim did not regularly pray at the center, nor volunteer, nor serve in any leadership position, the center said.

According to the sources, the FBI-led task unit had been under surveillance Rahim and two acquaintances supposed to be taken by ISIS and other terrorist effects, rendering to a law administration official. Rahim had been observed for more than couple of years.

Detectives were speaking to the acquaintances, and numerous places in Massachusetts and Rhode Island were being examined.
According to the Police spoke Person:

“Tragically, he came at the officers and the situation demanded action and they do what they were qualified to do and, unluckily, they had taken severe action,”

Evans said the gunfire happened about 7 a.m. after officers and FBI agents opposed Rahim, who unexpectedly spun around with a big black knife and attacked at officers and federal agents. The shooting was taken by surveillance video and witnessed by spectators.

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